Monday, September 18, 2006

No rest for the weary...

Okay, so the weekend didn't quite go as planned. But next weekend, that's gonna be a different story. Billy's going for three weeks without a day off, silly yeah, but what the fuck are ya gonna do?

No night out Saturday, no nice dinner, HOWEVER, there were beers. So that has to count for something. The master bath renovations are taking longer than I wanted - so much for my estimating skills... Then again having a 5 year old boy around the house consumes a lot of time too. We were watching the neighbors kids while they went away for the weekend - they get to keep an eye on ours when we go next weekend...

The major accomplishment, other than progress in the bathroom, came Saturday morning when we found Sweetpea a new car. See, a week ago Thursday she wrecked her, or should I say my convertible. The 95 LeBaron is totaled, got towed away Friday. Here's what it ended up looking like.
That's Babygirl, in the pic, Sweetpea is behind the wheel in tears. On the way home from school she slid on the wet road and hit a Honda SUV, it hit a Nissan pick-up and that hit a Saturn. If you're gonna do it - do it big, right? So the old LeBaron is history - I had always called it the disposable car, guess that's what I get.

Well, I got her, I mean me, some new wheels Saturday. Meet the new ride, a '96 Tbird. Daddy loves this car. Sweetpea is just over the moon with it, hell, it's nicer than my truck.

I got my baby a damned race car. Ain't it sweet? One owner, the guy really took care of it, you could never tell this thing is 10 years old. Sweetpea may just end up driving my truck and I'll keep the car.

Well, on with the week. Hope y'all have a good one, 'specially you MG. I'll try to keep up this week, no promises though. Doesn't look like things are gonna slow down anytime soon. Can't afford them to after all the money I've spent in the last week or so. AAARRRRGGGHHHH.


Blogger erika said...

Well I am really glad no one got really hurt! You have to try to go out and have some fun SOON!

9:35 AM  
Blogger April said...

woohooo....nice ride. :D

Take care of yourself, Pirate.


10:07 AM  
Blogger Softball Slut said...

I am so glad no one was hurt..

I had beers for you THursday, Friday, and Saturday night. If you are going to do it, do it right... :)

Looks like a fun car

10:51 AM  
Blogger Still Searching... said...

Sweet car! I really miss driving a car, but for convenience and practicality, my Blazer works better.

Sweetpea's all upset? Yeah, guess I would be too, but very glad to hear that no one got hurt!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous bellacara said...

i'm so sorry to hear about the accident...glad everyone is fine though....

i'm knocking on wood myself!

2:10 AM  
Blogger MG said...


9:14 AM  
Blogger Green Eyes said...

That tbird is nice! Take it easy there, Pirate, we need you in good health!

8:59 PM  

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