Tuesday, July 29, 2008

damn, 4 1/2 months huh?

Been awhile, damn long while.

Big HEY THERE to those die hards who still wander the halls here seeking some sign of life, nice to be missed. I been wishin for the simpler days. Days when that half hour or hour was available for a FreeBooby Tuesday, FUCKyou Friday or Half Nekkid posts.

The Pirate's extra special good friend Green Eyes ventured down from Tennesssee for a visit. She was hanging on the beach with her family, trying to remember why she moved to the north land. We had drinks, of course, and chatted and made fun of the strange people dancing. Thanks for visiting girl. Someday there'll be time off that will allow a motorcycle tour through TN.

Even though all I ever do is work there have been some fun things goin on. Went to Anna Maria a few weekends ago, drank rum on the beach. Went to Lauderdale in April for my cousin's wedding, helluva weekend on the beach with golf too. Saw "Some Like it Hot" at the Tampa Theater one Sunday, Casablanca is this Sunday. Good time, black and white classics on the big screen and it's not your typical theater, it's an old classic too.

Here's hoping the whole crew is doing well, and I'll try to not make it 4 1/2 months till I do this again.

Bonus time - HHNT people.

damn ain't that scary.

Pirate out.


Blogger Karl said...

Good Afternoon Billy,

Alittle burnt in more was than one, yep 2 businesses will do that to you.

Please forward my best wishes to Green Eyes, hope her and the boys are doing well.

Take Care

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Still Searching... said...

Glad to see you back! I'm hoping it won't be a loooong 4 1/2 months either!


2:38 PM  
Blogger Evening said...

Oh my god, I didn't really expect you to have been here when I clicked in. I check on you every now and then and thought we had lost you.

I am glad you are having some good times. Know you are busy but damn you look good, sunburn and all.

I have to write you and tell you what I have been doing. I am a business woman now...KIND OF


2:45 AM  
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Blogger Green Eyes said...

I love my Pirate!

Hi, Karl!!! I am surviving, I think. Billy needs to come to TN and buy me a beer though!

10:34 PM  
Blogger just some dude said...

More hairy than scary. ;-)Glad to see you back! I'm still kickin, well kinda. I think I may need to venture south one of these days, fall is already starting up here at 43 degrees north. Stop by my blog too, I've actually been writing, well kinda. It's funny, I have a "bare chest" pic on my blog right now too.

8:15 PM  

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