Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tagged (dammit)

Okay MG, ya got me.

6 weird things about the Pirate, must be inflation; last time I got tagged with this I only had to list 5...

1) I hate rules, that lends to the Pirate persona - that's why I didn't follow the instructions precisely and state clearly the rules for this tagging above as instructed. Maybe that's not too weird but I hate being herded. If there's a rule, I'll bend it, if there's a system, I'll work it.

2) When I die my family has decided to cremate me and spread my ashes in the water at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World... wonder what that's all about?

3) My first wife, bless her soul, was cremated and a portion of her is on Tom Sawyer Island at Disney World. When I go there I take the ferry to the island, walk thru the fort, hop a wall and sit under a tree and smoke a fattie with her.

4) The smell of sawdust relaxes me, when aggravated I fire up the table saw and make a pile.

5) Gonna copy ATL LG here, I like liver and onions. Always have, with mashed potatoes, mmm, mmm, good. There have to be more of us out there. C'mon, stand up and be counted.

6) I have kept every father's day, birthday, christmas, whatever type card my kids have ever given me. I have a stack that takes up an entire dresser drawer. Pack rat or softie - you decide.

Okay, that's six, maybe weird maybe not. I'm not gonna tag anybody - there I go breaking the rules again. If ya wanna play, please by all means do.

Here's a few road trip pics, and GE, yes, we had dinner and a few beers at the Moon River Brewery but no ghostly happenings. and CONGRATS on the new job!

This is in Savannah, made me think of my Billy's Big Boy Playground idea all over again. I wanted to go play on the tractors.

The Clipper Trading Company in Savannah, this is the greeter, beats the hell out of the old guy at Walmart. This St. Bernard just wanders the store letting everybody scratch his head.

Yet another failed attempt to take Sweetpea's picture.

Little guy came up to me in a park and then ran up a tree. Reminded me of my squirrel Charlie, he was just as effin fat.

This chick was spray painted on a wall in an alley, pretty cool huh?

Our only stop in South Carolina, sorry April. The kids wanted chili cheese fries. Yummm.

More later. Have a great day peoples.


Blogger thru my eyes said...

I vote SOFTIE!!! YUCK, liver and onions, my husband likes it too. He only gets it, if he eats out, cause I won't cook it. And I won't kiss him after he eats it.
You are such a GUY. What is it about men and large equipment. My husband and boys salivate when they see a tractor. My middle son, works doing directional boaring(?) and his best day are when the rigs get stuck in mud and the has to use some kind of large machinary to get them unstuck. I think he purposely gets them buried in the mud.
Have a nice day you sentimental, softie.

11:17 AM  
Blogger erika said...

I like me some mashed potatoes but I will pass on the liver and onions!

Looks like you had fun in GA! Now if you want some great chili cheese fries you have to come to Michigan!

11:21 AM  
Blogger MG said...

awww, I really DO feel loved.
and you can change the rules all you want!
I love a rebel.

sawdust.. not sure about relaxing me, but I do love the smell....

I'll pass on the liver and onions, but if you fry chicken livers really well w lots of batter, then I'll eat liver.

thanks again for playing with me :)

11:46 AM  
Blogger ATL LG said...

LNOLU! ( uhhhh that's Liver N Onion Lovers Unite ..duh )

Saving all the cards.... I save all their stuff....have BIG BOXES of it....but not theirs to me....very cool.

Get pics in SavGA. I got some (somewhere) of a trip last Feb or March?? I have no idea what I did with them...Did you go to the candy store on River St? It ROCKS!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Peg said...

We have similar template grafitti on my office building, I will have to take a picture sometime for you. It gets pretty interesting. They painted over my favorite one...It was a foot in aprison uniform with a ball and chain that said Prisons - America's Finest Slave Plantations.

6:58 PM  

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