Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Catchin up...

Well, it's late Wednesday and as of this minute I've got about 39 hours in this week. I slow down pretty damn well don't I? I keep waiting for the slow time that was supposed to be here in November and it's just not getting here. I've got 4 guys working in St. Pete and I and another guy went to Orlando last night and tonight. I'm thinking about maybe taking half a day Saturday off, guess we'll find out how that goes... TME, I have been delegating. :>)

Friday should be a good day, plan to close another big job, and, hopefully, maybe close a deal on a larger office space. I need more room and can't get it where I am, a space is opening up across the parking lot with 5 offices in it. The plan is to take the entire unit, keep the two largest offices and sublet the rest. I'll control the unit, be able to gain offices back as needed and, best of all, get my name on the big sign over the front door. Get me some wood just thinking about it. pardon me whilst I touch myself..

We'll call the stuff up there the Wednesday Bidness Report. The backlog is steady at about $400K, hope to add $100k on Friday and have the lead on another $30K bid. I so fucking rock.

So, that gets Wednesday out of the way, now to ATL LG's question about what happened to Tuesday. Tuesday passed by before I noticed but ya know, boobies are important, I mean really important. At least to ATL and myself. Something that gets me just as much as boobies is curly hair, luvs me some curly hair. So, without further adieu, here's some boobies for a late FreeBoobyTuesday with a dose of some cute as hell curly hair. Figure since I was late I'd fine myself two pics in addition to the one I didn't post to begin with.

So, maybe it is a fixation, sue me. Although I kinda like the setting too, cool looking out the window behind her. It took me a while to notice the city out there.

I need to hit the sack y'all. I'll get back here when I can and I'll get around to you guys again before long. Gotta get through this week yet. Take care.


Blogger thru my eyes said...

BILLY, YOU DO FUCKIN ROCK!!! But, it sounds like you are still working to hard. Don't make me come down there!!!! Please, don't over do.

*Whining* Those are the boobies I wanted. And her little flat tummy too!!!!!

1:31 AM  
Blogger ATL LG said...

While I'm sure making the come down would be fun, in some ways it could be head them thar warnings....

And thank ye for them thar boobies. I'll keep the curly hair in mind for an uncoming wild ass wednesday

8:22 AM  
Blogger Softball Slut said...

I am kinda digging her!! Who do I need to seduce to get us that office? Can I have a window too?

9:05 AM  
Blogger Still Searching... said...

Heh heh, I didn't notice the city behind her either until you mentioned it! :-D

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Paul Joe said...


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