Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas to All

Busy crazy busy Ted.

Yeah, I know, you've heard that before. Still true though.

Currently negotiating a $218,000.00 contract, that'll double our backlog of work. We're sitting on $168k right now. Moving forward, slowly, but moving forward.

Went to the doctor Wednesday for a follow-up. Status is I am being sent to a Neuro for an evaluation, being sent for an echocardiogram and yet more bloodwork. The cholesterol was high but not as high as I had expected, so I am being given a chance to lower it on my own before they tell me I have to take meds for it. And I am now taking a baby aspirin everyday. Still no reason for what happened, no specific cause and I seem to be about back to normal with the exception of just not giving a fuck about anything. I've only felt like me for maybe two days out of the last 3 weeks, hoping this doesn't last much longer - I hate not being me.

I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, that is unless you celebrate something else then have a happy whatever that may be. I hope that all my blogger buds get something that will bring them some happiness and joy no matter what it may be.

I was gonna try not to be a Grinch this year but hey, this doesn't look too bad.
Y'all take care.


Blogger MG said...

lmao @ the gif...

and yes, I cant wait till you are back to yourself too.
As I said earlier, I hope you have an EXCELLENT next few days, enjoy it and we'll see you here next week!


3:37 PM  
Anonymous bellacara said...

i got text messaged that same little file...not so subtle hint from lover...

i hope you feel better really soon billy!!

1:39 AM  
Blogger April said...

Merry Christmas, sweet pirate.

i've missed you lately...get back to yourself soon! :)

1:13 PM  
Blogger DH said...

Yeah...but if your dick turns green, I'd be concerned.

Here's to getting back to the old Billy sooner rather than later.

Merry Christmas, Billy!

2:12 AM  
Blogger thru my eyes said...

To the Old Billy, in the New Year!!! *raises glass*
Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in 2007.

11:28 AM  
Blogger CP said...

I will see you and Mr. Fab sometime very soon. I want all of us to get together for dinner, drinks and an orgy!

Right after the New Year, baby. Rest up! *L*

Love to you and the family.


9:51 PM  
Blogger Desireous said...

Oh God that gif file is priceless!


11:36 PM  
Blogger erika said...

The Grinch has all the fun!

Happy Holidays to you and your family! I hope all the tests turn out ok for you!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Softball Slut said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we want to see pics from your New Year's Party. I will catalogue them by sex act and liquor!!

Happy New Year Boss

11:46 AM  
Blogger JD said...

great blog. love Tuesdays!!! ;)

12:30 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

I hope you had a great Christmas Season. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Green Eyes said...

Just checking in with the Pirate to see how he's doing! I hope you're well.

11:48 PM  
Blogger April said...


where's the pirate? we want nekkidness!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Still Searching... said...

Just stopping by to say hello.


4:04 AM  

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