Thursday, March 29, 2007

no, FUCK YOU MAN, Friday

Or, as I like to say, Karma's a bitch.

Got a minute for a story? This is a classic, really.

We needed to use our T nailer today, we use it to nail wood to concrete block. It should have been in storage at the office, but it wasn't. We searhed the unit, the trucks, the warehouse and my garage - nuttin. Couldn't find it, anywhere.

We all looked at each other this morning and said the same thing... and that was the name of the lead guy I'd had and let go recently. Y'all remember those stories, yeah, that guy. The nailer I bought last summer and we used it maybe 4 times, then it sat. In the same place, probably since August. We had no need for it, till I picked up a new job last week.

Sales I might add - have been good. Things are getting better all the time. Kick myself in the ass for not making the changes sooner.

Anyways, it was gone. Was gonna buy a new one, and then thought ya know, I just may get mine back, crazy thought. So we rented one, diffent kind so I had to buy nails too. Dammit. When I was at the rental place the guy listened to me bitch and then said that the pawn shop down the street had several.

Gee, maybe I should go look. ya think?

So, I went to the pawn shop. I looked over the shelves and didn't see it so I wandered to the counter and asked if they had taken one in in the last month. After I told them why they asked the mans name. They looked on their computer and, well I'll be damned, guess who was in and pawned 7 items the day I let him go?

There on that list was my nail gun, it's in the back, shelf 60. Ain't that a hoot? Dumb fuck.

Luckily the nailer was the only thing of mine there. Made me happy. So, I have to file a police report, and pay the pawn shop what they paid for it and I can have it back. I filed my report but I can't get it back till next week... BUT I am getting it back. and that's not the best part.

The officer had a paper for me to sign to request or decline incarceration. As much as I wanted to see him suffer I had to think about his kids. Remember, single dad. I knew where the kids would go if he went to jail and I just couldn't do that to them. He can fucking rot. But not the kids. So, I declined incarceration. Sucker me...

Thing is, the officer didn't plan to share that with the boy right off the bat. My deputy said she'd take pleasure in making him squirm for a while and then let him down slow. Suhweeet. I'll bet that was a good time. Anyways, he called later. Repentent he was, fucker. Kiss. my. ass.

Can't wait to see how this plays out... Should be good. What goes around comes around. Ya know, karma can be a bitch.

So, Mr. I'm so damn sorry, this FUCKYOU!s for you. Mess with me godammit.

And for the rest of ya, have a great fucking weekend. I'm off to Lauderdale for a wedding on the beach, gonna have some fun.


Blogger MG said...

there's a fine line between ballsy and stupid.
stupid fucker.
and you know that goes around comes around thing?
well, you'll get what you deserve as well for being such a damn good guy...

have a great FUCKING FRIDAY!

11:29 AM  
Blogger Still Searching... said...

Aw now Billy, you're just such a sweet guy...thinking of the kids. A lot of people would have gone for the revenge anyway. Glad you didn't, and I am glad you got it back. :-)

5:01 PM  
Blogger guttergirl said...

Sounds like you just put a deposit in the Bank of Karma. I hope it comes back to you tenfold. Now Fuck off and have a great weekend.

12:25 PM  
Blogger ATL LG said...

imagine that....this is why before I purchase any tool or whatnot if I need something around the homestead I mossie on up to a couple of the local shopes between home and work...usually find what I want for about 1/3 the price...then I eBay it if I don't think I'll ever use it again...Hope the wedding was fun...

7:26 AM  
Blogger CP said...

You know what? Karma is gonna smack the fuck out of this bitch. You were so good to him, keeping him on for as long as you did, through truck crashes and all. By keeping him out of jail and thinking of his kids? You just earned yourself a nice place in heaven. You are a good guy, Pirate...with a treasure chest for a heart!


9:51 AM  
Blogger erika said...

Have a great weekend! Try to relax! Have a beer for me!

Karma is a bitch! You are sooo right!

10:02 PM  

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