Friday, June 01, 2007


Seeing as how the instigator of FuckYou! Friday has taken a hiatus(?) I'm not gonna bitch about anything today. Not that I don't have anything to bitch about and a few fuck yous to hand out, I'm just not in the mood.

Yesterday the Pirate was having a fucked up day, really. I was doing something entirely out of character for me, worrying about something I couldn't control. Not me, not what I do. I pretty much wasted the entire damn day fretting, worrying and bitching. Again, not me, not my style.

Has to do with a job that will not be done on time. Been FUBAR from the beginning, this is for the day job and not my biz but it still has my name all over it and that bothers me. I decided that I'd go get my hair cut just to get away for a while and that's when I had my moment.

In the spot next to me was a guy just two years younger than me, also getting his hair cut. Difference here was that he was in a wheelchair, a quad, couldn't speak either, and the two women with him were arguing over how his hair should be. This guy had a completely normal life til 4 years ago when a car crash left him in this condition. Turns out my day wasn't so damned bad after all now was it.

I could still walk, I could still talk, I could still tell Maren how to cut my hair. In the scheme of things who cares if the truck with my material is gonna be late, who cares if it's gonna cost the boss man 3 grand a day for everyday the jobs not done past the 13th (well maybe he does, but he never did anything to make sure it was gonna be on time) so screw it. Not my problem.

All I could think about was that guy sitting there, probably hearing these two argue over his hair and not being able to tell them to shut the fuck up. My day was pretty good all things considered. I'm over it now, I'm still gonna go to Charlotte for my neice's graduation on the 8th and if the job isn't done so fucking be it.

Y'all have a great weekend, have some fun and enjoy yourselves.
Pirate out.

Grandma Update - she's doing better, much better than expected. she should be able to come home this weekend and after a week or so be able to live on her own again. Yeah Granny! You go girl!


Anonymous Still Searching... said...

That's one thing that keeps me going sometimes...could ALWAYS be worse. Yup it could.


1:56 PM  
Blogger ATLLG said...

life is amazing when you take the time to stop and look at it...and there are people that wish they were THAT guy cause their lives are worse than his..sometimes it's good to just stop and smell the.........well smell whatever you like hows that...

Great Granny News!

8:03 AM  
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Blogger Leigh said...

Hope you had a good restful weekend. That is great news about your granny.

I could have swore I heard that beach calling my name.

Happy Monday

1:09 PM  
Blogger Green Eyes said...

Puts things in perspective, doesn't it, Pirate? So glad to hear about your Grandma!

11:00 PM  

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