Thursday, November 06, 2008

It hasn't been 4 1/2 months YET

But it's getting damned close. Seems that I am just throwing up quarterly posts now. Do I suck or what?

Hey to all in the blogosphere, old friends and new. Yea, just fucking busy, but now I wonder busy doing what. Things have slowed down, tremendously, and it's tough keeping things rolling but never say die right?

Just wanted to say Hey I'm still alive. Hope that can be said for all my old friends. Family is good, as good as they can be anyway. Business is surviving, slow, but surviving. Watching people move out of the office park every month, we're about half full now. Economy sucks but I'm sure y'all know that.

Too stubborn to close this place, I like it, and what it meant to me. Thinking maybe I can take my 2:30 mental slowdown time to do an update here occasionally. Every day about 2 or so I want to go to sleep and productivity dies, not sure what's up with that, just trying to get around it.

Y'all be good, I'll be back.

Pirate out.

Wait, forgot what Thursday's are. Here's an HNT for ya. Is that still going on? I've been gone so long...