Sunday, December 02, 2007

When you're a pirate

You meet some pretty interesting people in your travels.

I was working yesterday and a very good pal of mine stopped by to visit. Hadn't seen him in nearly a year and he was looking for info on some of my friends. I didn't tell him everything about y'all but what I did tell him was good.

Just remember, it's that time of year and there are more people watching you and what you do. I mean more than the usual obscure governmental agencies I'm talking about some people that really matter... So y'all better be good, or maybe, just good at it.

Here's the friend I was talking about - maybe it'll give ya hint on who to be looking for.

no, down a little more.

nope, some more yet.

hell, hit page down...

What a great guy he is, look what he brought me.

Well, no, not really, actually it was more like this.

He's still a good pal though.

Have a great week y'all.