Friday, September 29, 2006

Fuck You! Friday

Well hello peoples. Fuck you! It's Friday.

A rambling Fuck You! today, got a few things for the masses today.

First off, fuck you to being sick, I hate being sick, I hate being mizable. Hate it, Hate it, Hate it.
I revert to being a little kid when I'm sick, not that I don't act like a kid anyways, but when I'm sick it's worse. Thanks to MG for the offer of homemade soup, Chicken Tortellini was the choice, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. Then again I may just take Phillip's advice and hit the rum, paralyze the little bugs that are torturing me.

Secondly, Fuck You to whatever caused the ammonia leak here in my little town today. There was a cloud that stretched 5 miles, from the house to the office. Probably beyond that, but that's all I have traveled today. There's an ammonia pipeling that runs along my main travel route (good info for my stalkers). Last time there was a leak some Meth head had tried to tap the line to steal the ammonia for making Crystal Meth. What an idiot. Wonder what happened this time?

And Thirdly, but the most important, A HUGE FUCK YOU to the asswipe that shot and killed a police officer and his K-9 partner in Lakeland yesterday. Traffic stop gone bad, tragically bad, the officer left behind a wife and three children. My condolences to his family. And FUCK YOU to the bad man. May you never see the inside of a courtroom, and not because you were never caught.

Hate to finish on a down note but hey, this shouldn't happen.

Have a great weekend y'all!

***************EDIT @ 11 am***********************

Karma is alive and well...

The suspect in the shooting of the police office mentioned above has been found, shot several times and killed. Little condolence to the wife and family of the officer but it's a more uplifting end to my post.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

HNT - sickly edition

No new pic, matter of fact this one's a year old. I have hair on my face.

Gotta tell ya, Mucinex, Ibuprofen and Robitussin are not the Pirate's drugs of choice, but they seem to help. with the sickness anyway.

Happy HNT y'all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This just in...

I feel sick, really.

The tickle in my throat has settled in my chest.

I'll be hacking soon.

I feel warm, not in a good way.

I have chills.

See what I get for taking time to relax...

It doesn't agree with me.

Oh yeah, bidness report.

Bids $119,200.00

Bookings $ o

Billings $ 850.00

Did get notice that we were low bid on a project worth $85,800.00 - don't mean nuthin till I get the paper though...

No billings, no work for the boys this week, they have been busy though. They're remodeling my master bath. Should be done Friday (PLEASE, I want my shower back). They do good work I'll post pics next week.

I hate being sick.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I really didn't wanna come home.

Really. I didn't.

Let's hear it for a weekend with no work! None, nada, zip, zero, bupkus.

Well, maybe not Zero Work. We worked on our tans, we worked on our beers and we worked on some food. Lots and lots of food.

Didn't find my room on the beach Friday night, we had this view instead. Nice room, really, damned big room, just wrong side of the road and not what I had in mind. Hated to leave, but I had a plan...

We rolled up the street a ways and found a room with this view. Not nearly as big as the first, but much closer to the plan that I had in mind.
That was much better. Now it's time for supplies...
But wait, there's more.
Properly primed, we walked up the street for lunch, little place called The Reef. It's at 67th and Gulf Blvd. if ya wanna check it out - I'll recommend it. We plowed through the appetizer menu; calamari, blue crab claws, sweet corn fritters, snapper chunks, buffalo shrimp, and more beers. The food was great and so were the service and the tab...

Pool time, beach time, drinking time, time for a nap, time for a sunset...
I really didn't wanna come home...

Friday, September 22, 2006


This week, FUCK WORK!

Yep, I said it. FUCK WORK.

I've had enough. I need some time.


I've worked the last three or four weekends, worked prolly 10 or 12 hours everyday, and I'm fucking tired.

Beat up.

Worn out.


I've missed my blogger friends, I've missed my real life friends, I've missed my family.


I'm taking the weekend off and going to the beach. Trying for St. Pete, it may be Bradenton. Seems everybody else is going there this weekend also and they're taking my hotel rooms, fuck them too. I will persevere, I will find a room. Next to the beach. With a king size bed. And a bar. And a pool. I will, I swear I will, so help me Ja!

Look for me here.
Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

HNT - better late than never?



Missed the business report yesterday, matter of fact I even missed my accountability partner giving me shit for it. Slaps all around... right MG? In short, only one bid in the last week, for $85,800.00, no bookings and billings were slim, $2,285.00 - slow week on the production front. We did do a cool job at Epcot though, in the GM pavillion - built a display for a Buick prototype SUV due out in 2007. Worked; through the night, we wuz tired, but it was a cool project. I love the odd / weird stuff.

No real reason for the crash test dummy, he was just there and looked cool.

Okay, okay, HNT. No new pic this week, gonna recycle an old one. You can deal with it I'm sure.
Since Tuesday was talk like a pirate day how bout this one??
Iffin ya dont' like that one, print this one... I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with it.

Happy HNT to everyone, if ya don't play, you should. Click the blue button over there on the right somewhere and go see Obsasso for the details.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FreeBoobyTuesday & Talk Like a Pirate Day

Two big days here on the ship. Free Booby Tuesday and Talk Like a Pirate Day!

FreeBoobyTuesday got skipped last week so we'll start there, no cute story, just a sexy red head with some nice boobs. Yeah, the pirate likey....
Garr me mateys, arrrrrn't them some nice boobies!

September 19th, Talk Like a Pirate Day. I did have a link to a website that would translate your everyday speak into Pirate talk but I lost it in the Great Laptop Crash of '06, took a cannon ball from a the competition and lost all my damned bookmarks, aarrrghh! However the link above ain't bad and it tells you about the day.

WTF??? Now blogger won't let me upload any more pictures... Dammit, I'll try later.

And one more thing, today was the Pirate's Dad's Birthday, he's been gone nearly 12 years now and I miss him. - not very pirate like but iffin ya gots a problem with it allow me to show you the plank...

Monday, September 18, 2006

No rest for the weary...

Okay, so the weekend didn't quite go as planned. But next weekend, that's gonna be a different story. Billy's going for three weeks without a day off, silly yeah, but what the fuck are ya gonna do?

No night out Saturday, no nice dinner, HOWEVER, there were beers. So that has to count for something. The master bath renovations are taking longer than I wanted - so much for my estimating skills... Then again having a 5 year old boy around the house consumes a lot of time too. We were watching the neighbors kids while they went away for the weekend - they get to keep an eye on ours when we go next weekend...

The major accomplishment, other than progress in the bathroom, came Saturday morning when we found Sweetpea a new car. See, a week ago Thursday she wrecked her, or should I say my convertible. The 95 LeBaron is totaled, got towed away Friday. Here's what it ended up looking like.
That's Babygirl, in the pic, Sweetpea is behind the wheel in tears. On the way home from school she slid on the wet road and hit a Honda SUV, it hit a Nissan pick-up and that hit a Saturn. If you're gonna do it - do it big, right? So the old LeBaron is history - I had always called it the disposable car, guess that's what I get.

Well, I got her, I mean me, some new wheels Saturday. Meet the new ride, a '96 Tbird. Daddy loves this car. Sweetpea is just over the moon with it, hell, it's nicer than my truck.

I got my baby a damned race car. Ain't it sweet? One owner, the guy really took care of it, you could never tell this thing is 10 years old. Sweetpea may just end up driving my truck and I'll keep the car.

Well, on with the week. Hope y'all have a good one, 'specially you MG. I'll try to keep up this week, no promises though. Doesn't look like things are gonna slow down anytime soon. Can't afford them to after all the money I've spent in the last week or so. AAARRRRGGGHHHH.

Friday, September 15, 2006

work, work, work

Hello from the salt mines.

The pirate's been working non-stop for the last week. Yeah, I know, no excuse, but that's just the way it is. I'm ready to collapse. Been at it for nearly two solid weeks, but I get tomorrow off, finally.

Thanks to all those that have checked in to see if I'm still alive. I have been lurking a little, seems like everybody's getting along alright. 'Cept for sweet MG, she suffering for some unknown reason, how bout y'all stop by and show her a little love and encouragement.

I'll be back in a few days with stories of Sweetpea's car crash -she's okay, cars totaled; working at Epcot, pretty neat; and the master bath renovations. Too much work and no play makes Billy fucking tired.

It comes to a close today and there'll be beers poolside tonight about 6 pm for whoever wants to join in. Tomorrow night is a nice night out - I've got it coming.

Have a great weekend y'all.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Pirate's outa commission

The laptop has crashed and the ship is sailing.

Gonna be out of town for a couple days and the laptop is refusing to cooperate so it looks like the Pirate will be out of operation for a few days.

Hope to be back in time for HNT, check back and find out...


Friday, September 08, 2006

FuckYou! Friday

The county commission passed the tough new adult business ordinances last night. Talk of the town today. See it here. The holy rollers are happy, the folks that patronize the places aren't, radio morning shows are having a field day. I, for one, am so happy to live in a county that has titty bars and adult bookstores as it's only problem.

Our schools aren't overcrowded, our roads are in pristine condition and we never get stuck in traffic, our water and sewer systems are top notch shape and crime here is negligible. Well, except for those damn titty bars. You couldn't find a crack rock or prostitute in the county if you tried, there hasn't been a burglary in years, no killings, no nothing for these folks to do. So I guess they were right in doing this.

It's to protect property values and cut down on crime they say, to protect the people. Protect the people from what? Drive up Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, no titty bars in sight but they got drive through windows for crack and ho's. Most places have a combo special, buy two rocks and get a free hooker. These aren't classy hookers either, these are your stereotypical movie type hookers, shiny shorts, halter tops and fishnets. at 9 am. Can we fix that? Nope, we gotta fix what they can't prove to be a problem.

We've got ordinances to cover different types of crime. If the bars are promoting prostitution, there are laws that apply. Drug use? Same thing, there are existing ordinances that cover this. To punish all the business for the possible crimes of a few, and I'll admit I have seen some shady shit in a few, is just wrong. Use the laws we have, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and shut the offenders down if necessary - I won't argue. At all.

But... the ones that operate within the existing legal framework, with no violations should not have to pay the price for the ones that don't. Hey I got an idea, those Catholics priests abuse children - Shut all the churches down. I mean c'mon people, can't we all get along for a little bit anyway? I'll let you worship the god of your choice, you let me drink a beer and watch a naked woman dance. Yeah, we both find each offensive, but hell we have to live together.

Most that read here will agree that this has gone too far, whether you take in a naked dance or two or buy toys at the adult store. Tell me that you people vote. You have to. If you don't, this is gonna happen where you live too. Register now, another election is coming up in November, let's put some tolerant people in office. Not these holier than thou types, beholden to the tight asses that elected them. The middle of the road folks are losing this battle, the laws are going to the extreme right and left - this cannot happen people. Get with it, suck it up and vote. Pretty soon someone's gonna try and take away something you're fond of - then what you gonna do?

I may have rambled, but you get my point. Be a fucking stand up citizen and vote. Next, they'll come for you.

Happy Fuck!You Friday and FUCK YOU to the Hillsborough County Commission. I can't wait to see how many of my tax dollars it's gonna take to defend this shit.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

HNT - Gotta find an accountant Edition

I was whining, er, um, explaining to a few folks yesterday that I was finally beginning the financial side of this venture. Actually starting the formal process of record keeping. The informal process was keeping track of how much was in the bank account and stuffing all the receipts into envelopes. Now it consists of entering every fucking transaction into the accounting software I bought months ago...

Buried in receipts, bank and credit card statements I sit.
I'd rather be here...One of these days... one of these fucking days...

Happy HNT everybody, if ya wanna play with us, and you should, go see Obsasso - click the blue box over there on the right somewhere and get with the program.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brazen Billy's Business Report

Hello and welcome to the inaugural business report from the Pirate. If you're wondering WTF? is this about, you must have missed my FuckYou! Friday from a week or so ago when I saluted myself. I needed some help keeping my hook to the grindstone and a few of my blogger friends offered to keep my ass in line, I graciously accepted. Matter of fact one stopped by earlier to ask why the report wasn't up, gotta love her. Thanks MG.

Every Wednesday I'm gonna post the Three B's of my world; Bids, Bookings and Billings. They tell the tale of what's going on in these parts with the business. Here's the definitions of those terms for the newbies.

Bids - The total dollar value of the projects the Pirate has submitted bids on.
Bookings - The total dollar value of contracts the Pirate has closed (or Softball Slut, if I put that girl on commission I'll close every deal. Of course I need to get her some high quality knee pads.)
Billings - The total dollar value invoiced.

The mantra is if you don't BID it, you can't BOOK it, if you don't book it you can't BILL it. If you don't bill it - you go fucking broke. duh.

I planned on doing this weekly but since we're just getting started we're gonna post for all of August this time around. So here we go, it was a busy month for bids, there were a total of 10 projects that we submitted bids on for $199,162.00. Bookings were slow in August, only two contracts rolled in the door for a grand total of $8,190.00; if you consider that's all we bid in the months prior to August I guess it ain't bad. Billings for August were $14,377. Heh, that's why I have to keep the day job for a while longer.

I'm sitting here this afternoon waiting for a purchase order on a condo project downtown worth $24k, but it ain't here yet. Promises are nice but until it's on paper it don't mean shit. Maybe it'll be here in the morning...

So there ya go, the first of what I hope to be many installments of Billy's Bidness Report. I actually started working with my accounting software today so I'm thinking in a few days I should be able to run every financial report known to man. Not that I want to mind you but it'll keep the Mrs happy. Everybody knows that if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy - even in the Pirate's world.

Later y'all.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Damn, it's Monday, but, it's Tuesday already.

Weekend kicked my ass, actually, yesterday kicked my ass. Spent the morning pulling weeds in the front flower beds, there were a lot. A Lot. It's not something I get around to very often, today I am feeling it, seriously. The pirate hurts...

But the yard is beautiful.

The afternoon found me floating in the pool, Corona in hand, blues on the stereo, sun shining, with the Mrs. joining me later on, Corona in hand. Made for a pleasant finish to an otherwise painful day. Note to self - hire neighbor kid next time...

It's September already. Can you believe it? Holy hell, where did the summer go? Luckily it lasts here for another couple months. For you unlucky bastards up north it's starting to cool off. One thing I do like about fall, sweaters. It's the time of year for girls to wear sweaters, soft, warm, fun to touch sweaters... sorry, the mind was wandering...

So, that brings us to Tuesday, Free Booby Tuesday. Free, as in no cost, no obligation, here's your boobie Tuesday. And in honor of fall and sweaters, I like this one.
Yeah, sweaters... I'll have to wait another couple of months for them to come out down here but, I'll be patient.

Have a great week peoples!