Thursday, October 18, 2007

HNT and an update as requested

Well, here I is, sitting in a hotel room in California all by my lonesome. Kinda boring, but what are ya gonna do? It's only 9:30 here, but 12:30 home time, if I go to sleep now I'll be up at 4 am so I'm gonna stay up a while. Meetings tomorrow, all day... Then fly home on Friday. Yippeee.

Anywho, how bout this for an HNT, nekkid pirate alone in a hotel. Room 220 if your interested.

Now, as to Babygirl, Dad put his foot down. Exactly what that means is yet to be determined. I wrote that last post Tuesday before I went home from work. When I got home the "grounded" babygirl was out walking the dogs and had been gone for an abnormally long time. I decided to go look for her, bad ju ju ya know?

Didn't take long til I found her and the subject of my wrath at the park, kissing. She was ordered to go home, he was ordered to fall off the face of the earth. If he was gonna have trouble doing that I said I would be all to happy to help him never be found again. They both had lied to me, not to happen again, ever.

The Mrs and I have been at it a few times in the last week over this, I'm not moving. She was wavering, for all kinds of reasons. The strife this has caused in our house is overwhelming. Poor little babygirl has been playing us from the beginning. She cannot even imagine what it will take for me to trust her again, if ever.

I have exhibited great patience and caring for her and just great patience with the guy. If I ever hear his name again, he's headed to jail. Period. I just don't fucking care anymore. Don't care if Babygirl hates me forever, don't care if this guys life is ruined, don't care if the wife stays upset, just don't care. And that my friends is how this story ends.

No Maureen, I'm not in jail and he's not dead or vice versa. But I really thank you for caring.

And Happy HNT y'all.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanks all.

It's been awhile since that last post and I reckon y'all deserve an update since you've been so kind to chime in with your opinions (and threats of bodily harm). And yes, I kinda like that everybody agreed with me. :>)

Little Miss has been grounded for a while on unrelated charges, well kinda related but whatever. That's given me some time to deal with the revolt and mutiny that have been popping up in the house.

And yes, as of today the "boy" is still alive and without serious injury - but that can change.

It took a few days but Babygirl is talking to me again, it's an uneasy truce but a truce none the less. She said she loved me the other day, that was good to hear; don't know how long that will last.

Some of you know that I had a meeting with the kid last week, Wednesday night I believe it was. We had a sit down, in a public place, better for both of us. We talked for about a half an hour or so and to his credit he neither lied nor tried to bullshit me. Not that this means I'm getting soft but I still kinda like the guy - that really makes this difficult.

The guy neither drinks or does drugs, he has a responsible job, he's polite, kind and friendly - there's not much about him to hate and I hate that. It seems that the only real and true problem here is his age. When asked if he know how old Babygirl was he told me he didn't know until they'd been hanging out about a week and yes, it bothered him, but only for a week or so. Poor bastard, wish it had bothered him more. (And yes, I've checked every local sheriff's website and the state offender database, he's not there.)

He said all the right things (without trying to mislead me), like I said it's tough not to like this kid except for the obvious reason, his age. I really don't know what to do here, I do, but I don't, ya know? If there was any reason not to like this guy it would be a no brainer - he'd have to die.

There's been no relations with them, so far it's all friendly and yes, I believe that. (schmuck) The problem is what comes next. I just don't like where it can go. Yeah, he's too old for her, but really, I don't think this guy is as old as he really is if you know what I mean.

I can cut it off completely which is what should happen. Then Babygirl and he are sneaking around behind my back - that's no good. I can condone it which just tears apart the fiber of my very soul - that's no good. There's just no way out here for me.

The wife is softening on the issue. Big sister who was completely against it is letting up some. The guy knows that jail time is a distinct possibility and I'm just the pirate to send him there. I'm the last hold out on the issue - just because it bothers me so deeply.

My problem is I can't explain why it bothers me so deep. The only thing I can come up with is that he's just too fucking old for her and that's the way it is - that's the way the world works. For that explanation I was called a hypocrite; apparently I question everything and always buc the system so why am I so with the way of the world on this????

Any help here? I would love to not like this punk and send him on his way. He's a genuinely good guy and he treats her well for a "friend". If it weren't for the age I couldn't wish a better guy for her.

Your Pirate's having a hard time here. For some reason it's not sitting well, bad ju ju if you will. I need to do something soon, even if it's wrong, but what. dammit, dammit, dammit. Would love to hear more from the crew, chime in folks. As of this point cruel and unusual punishment is off the table, so, now where do I go?

Someone was kind enough to send me this url this week, for those of you with daughters, ATL LG, check it out. "the daughter song"

C'mon folks, help me out here.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Riddle me this mateys...

There's a conflict afoot in the pirates house. An ill wind blows, tempers be flared, and your captain has been declared not fit to be his Babygirls father - by his Babygirl, there seems to be a mutiny afoot.

So, here be the question for ye - iffin ya had a 15 year old daughter, would ye lets her date a 22 year old fella? Take your time, think it over, don't go answerin that one too quickly. Apparently I did.

And, whether you would or wouldn't, how would ya feel iffin she lied as to her whereabouts and spent the night at said 22 year olds house? Again, take your time, think about it. If it makes a difference, he has his own place.

No, Billy hasn't killed anyone yet, YET. Surprising, huh? It's still remains very much a possiblity, although jail for him looks more likely than jail for me. Currently though it looks as if I have lost a daughter; hopefully "you're not my fucking father" were the words of a brokenhearted teenage girl and not something she plans on holding onto forever. Cuz that broke my heart, really. I've heard "I hate you!" before, that was nothing. This was spoken with equal parts contempt, hate and disgust with eyes as cold as I've ever seen.

So, what will it be folks, who thinks I should let her date a 22 year old? Can't wait for a little input on this one. And if you can't imagine having a 15 year old daughter, how would you feel if your 22 year old son brought home his 15 year old girlfriend for dinner? Is the pirate out of touch with the youth of today or just being a good Daddy?