Thursday, November 30, 2006

HNT - Classic

Alright, I've taken some grief cuz the HNTs have been lacking. One comment in particular was "Another week with no naked pirate, damn." Been busy, way too busy, fuck I'm busy. I know, you've heard that before, unfortunately it's a continuing theme.

Y'all know how I hate to disappoint...

Haven't had the time or opportunity to take anything new worthwhile so we're gonna resort to repeats again this week. Yeah, I know, it's still sweeps month, the programming is supposed to be new and exiting and tittillating (what a word) but hey, what can I do. I'll really try for something new next week, I really will, promise.

So, without further excuses or whining, here are a few Pirate HNT Classics. (Dontcha just love how I repackage this shit - I should be in marketing...)

Ah, don't ya love the classics.

Happy HNT y'all. If ya don't play, you should - click the blue button over there on the right someplace and go see Obsasso, the king of HNT to find out how to play.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tagged (dammit)

Okay MG, ya got me.

6 weird things about the Pirate, must be inflation; last time I got tagged with this I only had to list 5...

1) I hate rules, that lends to the Pirate persona - that's why I didn't follow the instructions precisely and state clearly the rules for this tagging above as instructed. Maybe that's not too weird but I hate being herded. If there's a rule, I'll bend it, if there's a system, I'll work it.

2) When I die my family has decided to cremate me and spread my ashes in the water at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World... wonder what that's all about?

3) My first wife, bless her soul, was cremated and a portion of her is on Tom Sawyer Island at Disney World. When I go there I take the ferry to the island, walk thru the fort, hop a wall and sit under a tree and smoke a fattie with her.

4) The smell of sawdust relaxes me, when aggravated I fire up the table saw and make a pile.

5) Gonna copy ATL LG here, I like liver and onions. Always have, with mashed potatoes, mmm, mmm, good. There have to be more of us out there. C'mon, stand up and be counted.

6) I have kept every father's day, birthday, christmas, whatever type card my kids have ever given me. I have a stack that takes up an entire dresser drawer. Pack rat or softie - you decide.

Okay, that's six, maybe weird maybe not. I'm not gonna tag anybody - there I go breaking the rules again. If ya wanna play, please by all means do.

Here's a few road trip pics, and GE, yes, we had dinner and a few beers at the Moon River Brewery but no ghostly happenings. and CONGRATS on the new job!

This is in Savannah, made me think of my Billy's Big Boy Playground idea all over again. I wanted to go play on the tractors.

The Clipper Trading Company in Savannah, this is the greeter, beats the hell out of the old guy at Walmart. This St. Bernard just wanders the store letting everybody scratch his head.

Yet another failed attempt to take Sweetpea's picture.

Little guy came up to me in a park and then ran up a tree. Reminded me of my squirrel Charlie, he was just as effin fat.

This chick was spray painted on a wall in an alley, pretty cool huh?

Our only stop in South Carolina, sorry April. The kids wanted chili cheese fries. Yummm.

More later. Have a great day peoples.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Damn, Tuesday already...

Personally, I don't think Monday was long enough.

But it is Tuesday and we know what that means, FREE BOOBY TUESDAY.

In honor of my drive to the northland I searched for Winter Boobies this morning, not many hits. However, Boobies and Snow came back with a few selections. Didn't snow when we were in PA but we did see a decent amount on the ground in West Virginia. Sweetpea saw it first and screamed for me to turn the car around... The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

It was cold, well, for me anyway. Wednesday morning I walked outside to a car coated in FROST, thick frost, not the stuff we get here. And no ice scraper, sound familiar GE? Wish someone had taken a pic of me scraping the windows with a small box of Frosted Mini Wheats, fucking classic. Got the job done though.

Anyway, boobies. Here we go, Boobies in the Snow.
Err, maybe booby, but ya get the idea... Ah hell, here's two.

Have a great Tuesday y'all. Pics from the northland are almost sorted so I should have a few for tomorrow. Here's one from Savannah that I really like, we spent Sunday night there.

Monday, November 27, 2006



Round trip.

I am tired of fucking driving...

Way too many cars on the road this past week.

Didnt anybody get the memo? Stay out of my way?

I know I've said this before but in case you weren't listening...


Okay, I feel better now, kinda.

I've got pics and tales and AED (Associative Estrogen Disorder) too many miles with three women in the car...

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.

I'm fat.

More later.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hey Y'all! What's shakin'?

Been absent AGAIN, yeah, I know. Whatcha gonna do? Been busy as all get out, going back to my old standard response; "busy, crazy, busy Ted". For the life of me I can't remember what commercial that was from, prolly 6 or 10 years old, but definitely an appropriate remark.

Brazen Billy is in need of another crew member, this one is for real life though. Have to add another man to the crew, possibly two. I expected this time of year to be slow as hell but, and that's a good butt, we're not. Not only am I busy, crazy, busy Ted but so are the boys in the field. Need to add an apprentice/helper to the crew, now I got to find one. Wages are competitive, benefits are limited, the future is not. Anybody???

Now, as for BOOBIES, since I've been skipping out of this lately I decided that I would try to make up for it as best I could. Here's a three in one for y'all - or would that be six in one?
Now them there are some nice boobies, not sure I'd know what to do with all that but hell, I'd damn sure make a go of it.

To quote another old song, "our future's so bright we gotta wear shades". I'll be in and out of here, probably not on any regular basis, not for any lack of love for y'all but shit's gettin crazy round here. I try to come by and visit peoples on occasion, so maybe absence will make everybody's hearts grow fonder of the Pirate.

Have a great Tuesday folks.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Take a minute

Busy as ever don'tcha know. The boss's visit came and went, successfully, thank ja. Or thank me for being ever the diplomat. Seems that my biz and my employer can peacefully co-exist and mutually profit from one anothers existence. Now that that's over life can continue.

I'm gonna skip out on FuckYou! Friday this week except maybe a little FuckYou! to the ultra conservative bastards that lost on Tuesday. Seems the country may have just woken up a bit, too damn bad it took so fucking long. It'll be nice to have a little oversight in our nations capital now instead of a rubber stamp to whatever King George wants to do. Yeah, the new contingent may go a little overboard but as they say "payback is a bitch".

I do love this country though, I have to thank my high school government teacher for that. It is still the greatest country on the face of the planet. Nowhere do you have the freedoms that we have here, and maybe, just maybe, now we'll get back a few of the liberties that have been hijacked in the name of false security - but hey I refrain from politics here - most of the time.

Take a minute today to remember and thank our vets for providing security to this great nation and for all that they have endured, suffered and lost in defending this nation. There are many in my family alone, and in the neighborhood in which I live. Being not far from McDill Air Force base here in Tampa I live with many of these fine men and women and today I want to thank them for all that they do, I know it isn't easy but they do a fine job.

So, today, thank you to the men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present. I salute you!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

HNT - Classic Edition

Hey all, Happy Fucking Thursday.

The hangover and headache are gone, finally, thank Ja!

Seems that I finally made the year mark with this here blog. Simply amazing that I was able to keep at something for that long given my short attention span and need for new adventures. Guess I must really like some you people, I can't stay away. Y'all are just way too damned entertaining.

No time for new pics this week, was gonna have the Mrs. take one last night but by the time I walked the dogs she was sleeping. SO, since I been here a year now I just gonna reprise the first HNT, so here goes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I've got 4 days to finalize a presentation for the guy that actually employs me to show how my employment and my new business venture can peacefully co-exist and profit together. No pressure, nope, none what so ever. Damn I need to get busy.

Happy HNT and if you want in on the fun, and you should, click the blue button over there on the right and go see Os.

Softball Slut
- thanks for the aspirin and water and handling the phones yesterday. Damn I was in bad shape - I LOVE Halloween.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post Halloween Update.


my head hurts.

keep your voice down k?