Friday, April 27, 2007

FuckYou! Friday

I'm kinda at a lack of fuck you's this week. Either that or I have so damn many I just don't know where to start.

I know, FUCK paperwork. Yeah, that's it. That's what I've been doing all damn day and probably will continue through the weekend. This having your own business shit is shit. I have so many hats I forget which one I'm wearing from one minute to the next.

Y'all should hear the sales department have an argument with the dicks from accounting around here. People think I'm talking to myself but actually I'm having a staff meeting. Things are tough at the moment, we're changing billing cycles from the work we used to do which had money come in every two to three weeks to contract work where the money comes in every 5 to 6 weeks. Talk about strapped. Bondage without the fun...

The guys in the field need this and that and I'm left figuring out how the hell to pay for it. I've got a healthy chunk in receivables but unfortunately you can't spend that. I'm just happy that receivables is constantly higher than the payables, I think that means I'm making money - I just can't see it yet.

Okay, I got it now, FUCK being undercapitalized. I get rid of one type of stress and totally replace it with another kind. Yeah, I'm just brilliant that way.

Have a great fucking weekend y'all. The Coronas are on me!

oh, can anybody lend me a $20 till maybe late May?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

HNT - Public Safety Announcement

Squimish beware.

I had a couple of these.
And used one of these To chop some of this to put in this

and ended up with this.
The moral of the story...

Damn! That fucking hurts!
It looks quite a bit better today, after three days of being bandaged with Neosporin. The little piece on the end is actually sticking back on.

Happy HNT folks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

FreeBooby Tuesday

How's about a poolside pic for today. Still in time off, let's hang by the water mode apparently.

Oh, and I got this in my email today - what guy hasn't had this happen to them.

Have a great day all.
Pirate out.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ya oughta check this place out

Friday both the girls were spending the night away, I told the wife to pack a bag that would fit on her bike. I took off early (believe that?) and packed a bag myself. Kickstands up at 5pm.

Off we went down through the backwoods headed to Anna Maria. Was a nice ride, sun was shining, weather was warm and the sky was blue. Heading into Anna Maria Island from Bradenton there are several little islands along the causeway, folks were lined up there with their boats and jet skis and grills. Bastards, I want a boat. But, we were on the bikes so that's okay...

Got us a room at Club Bamboo, last time we were here it was an Econo Lodge, now it's all condos that are rented by the night or the week. It was a helluva lot nicer than last time. I had packed a bottle of Reisling but forgot the corkscrew, luckily there was a Circle K next door and they had a few. After a few glasses we went to Sharkey's for dinner.

From the outside it kinda looks like a sportsbar kinda place but on the inside it's a pretty damned nice place. The wife had Onion Crusted Grouper, I opted for a nice shark steak, Mako, grilled with BBQ sauce. Needless to say it was gooood. A couple of cocktails later we opted for dessert in a box and wandered back to the hotel.

Cool thing about the beach on the west coast, the sunset. Here's a quick version.

Saturday we played tourist. Spent some time talking with the new management of Club Bamboo, really nice folks. Rob, the chief in charge, wanted us to come back again and offered a buy two nights get one free in the summer so we've got a gulf side suite reserved for late July.

We both rode my bike down to Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, a couple of blocks of souvenier shops, clothing and jewelry stores. Had lunch at the Bridgetender, damned good burgers and I must add some excellent customer service, nice folks. Here's the view from the patio, really made that burger enjoyable.
A sign in one of the gift shops caught my eye - "If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough."
We ran into a woman and her little girl headed for the ice cream place and she chatted us up. Told us of several places we needed to see so it's a good thing we're going back. She also clued us in on a cool little riverside bar in Ellenton called Woody's River Roo. Stopped there on the way home for a couple of Coronas and then finished a few more off poolside at home.
Damn, nice weekend. Ya know, I should take some time off more often.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

HNT - Shiney and New Edition

It's fixed and back and all better, shiney and new.

Damn I love my truck.

Happy HNT all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday Biz Report

Went this afternoon to walk a project that we are near completing. A new building in Pasco County, our first, big, major project. This was the $60k job that I was yapping about back at the end of January.
Gotta say it made me proud. Walking through the buildings, looking at all our products installed, in a quality fashion mind you. I've had much larger projects while working for other people but MY company's largest job to date was about $18k. We were called in last minute on this one cuz the intial sub had defaulted and we had just two months to get quotes, open accounts, get material onsite and get it done. WE DID IT.
There are a few things left to do, as with all jobs like this but we are 95% complete. And without any hassles or problems or headaches - none worth mentioning anyway. We are actually ahead of the schedule.
We so fucking rock!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free BoobyTuesday (afternoon)

Okay, well, more like evening then. House is quiet, taxes are done, WTF may as well post some boobies. Been on roll with the posts lately, not sure whats up with that, but, why quit on boob day?

Not sure why but I just love that picture.

Hott damn, two FBT's in a row. watch out kids.

Random bitch of the day... fucking tires and alignment for the new truck cost 800 fucking dollars. Damn nice tires, but 800 fucking dollars? I hate that.

okay, I'm better now and please have a wonderful what's left of Tuesday.

Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Monday!

Yeah. whatever.

Nuthin new, 'cept this.

Another truck added to the fleet. An '02 Dakota for the new guy, M3, to drive. Counting my GMC that I did actually get back on Friday that makes three. They have to accept my nomination for Commodore now don't they? Fuck em if they don't I'm buying a new hat.
Like I said the new guy is making me money, when I make money I can spend money. I don't like spending money but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. He made me money, I made him happy. Hopefully it'll turn into a vicious cycle.

The GMC is shinier now than when I bought it nearly 6 years ago, she looks suhweeet. Makes me happy. Guess I need to take a pic of it too and set it next to the crashed pic so y'all can see the difference.

Oh, and my taxes are almost done. Found out I actually have till tomorrow so I can procrastinate just a little bit more. I got em started, now I just need to finish.
Pirate out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

FuckYou! Friday

More like FuckMe Friday, then again not...

Lots of mixed feelings today. I get my truck back! YEAH! I have to give the Caddy back. :>(
Really enjoyed driving this puppy. Probably way too much.
Note to DH - I got it at Enterprise.

But now it has to go back.

Gave myself a bit of a reality check Wednesday night. Went to and built my own CTS, not bad, only $36k. Then I went to and used one of their payment calculators. Figuring my truck as the downpayment, the payments would have been like $540 a month; for 5 effin years. Holy Shit, it's nice but it's not that nice. Guess there's no Caddy in my immediate future. But hey, we're on the rise so there's time.

So girls, if ya wanna ride be here before noon.

Now it's back to work time, fuck me again, and this weekend - I get to do my taxes. Do I know how to live or what? Really looking forward to filling in my occupation as Pirate on the old 1040. Good thing I don't have to declare all the booty I have in those off shore caves.

Have a great fucking weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

HNT - C'mon let's ride.




3 posts in a row.

Short and sweet this time.

For those who wanted a ride in the Caddy.

Climb on in.

How was that? Oh yeah. Grass, gas or ass - no one rides for free.

and the tank is full.

Happy HNT y'all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Bidness Report

Things are good.

Better than they have been in a long time.

The new guy, henceforth known as M3, is doing a fantastic job. With the projects, with the guys, with everything. He has exceeded my every expectation. Maybe I had them set too low. nah.

I wonder if my hesitation, delay and just unwillingness to place the damned ad for help is what helped me get this guy. If I had looked when I should have maybe he wouldn't have been looking for a job. Maybe I just needed to suffer for a while. Who knows. It worked out, somehow it usually does.

I'm told I "may" get my truck back at the end of the week. MAY get it back. Fuck all. Stupid bastards, it was a month on Sunday. Between the insurance company and the body shop they've fucked the whole thing up. Mercury insurance sucks. I cancelled them. Dumb bastards.

Not that I much care anymore. I gave up driving whatever was available last week and rented a car. Been driving around in a Caddy CTS, this this is fucking sweet. And I make it look good. lol. Another week in this thing and I won't want my truck back. Imagine that. I just may go buy me one of these things if biz keeps up and M3 keeps making me money. Dreams....

Have a great Wednesday folks.

Wow, two posts in a row. Maybe there'll be an HNT tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FREE BoobyTuesday

Billy's Back. Back again.

I was talking to Green Eyes the other day and said that I needed to find a new blogging time. Used to be I'd get my posts done in the morning waiting for the boys to show up, anywhere from 7:30 to 8 or so in the morning.
Now, with the new guy, everybody's always here on time, hell, the new guy is here before me everyday. Really cutting into my posting time. This morning they're all on a jobsite, have a large truck coming in today so they're all out to unload it. And I get to post. Boobies.
Hey ATL LG, where ya at? Look, I'm posting. Boobies.

One shot reminds me of one of my favorite bloggers, we'll see if she sees herself in the pic the way I do. Then again, I'm just a pervy pirate...

On with the boobs. Two shots just cuz I ain't been here; I'm a nice guy that way.

Everybody have a great Tuesday, I will, I'm not out in the rain unloading a damned truck.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

HNT - Shiny and Clean Edition

It's Thursday and Billy's posting, WTF?

Been feeling like such a slacker, haven't posted an HNT in a while so I figured I should. Thought I'd have something from the wedding to show y'all but nothing good. Had a great time, Corona in my hand and my toes in the sand for three days; made coming back Tuesday extremely difficult to do.

Weather was beautiful, water was cool, wedding was nice, reception was good too. The ceremony was Sunday night at 6:30, beachside, I will post a pic or two soon. The couple had been together for 11 years, started dating in middle school. The two of them grew up with my cousins and basically second children to my aunt, she performed the ceremony under a little tiki hut in the sand.

Anyway, HNT.

Hope everybody has a great day. I plan to.