Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally FuckYou! Friday

Haven't posted for a while so I figured I'd drop in for a bit this afternoon seeing as I have a few fuckyous to pass out.

While they mainly pertain to me, here we go.

Fuck Uncertainty
Fuck Doubt
Fuck Hesitation
Fuck Me.

I've been kinda dragging my feet with what's going on with the business. We've been gaining more projects and the backlog is increasing along with our credibility but, as usual, I've been killing myself getting it done. And the boys have been killing me with stupid mistakes.

I've spent a couple of $grand fixing dumb little fucking mistakes that they have made. Be it they don't know any better or they just aren't paying attention the shit finally hit the fan last week. I spent $1800 correcting something we got paid $1200 to do. Seriously, WTF? I told them how to do the work, they figured they were saving time and doing it faster hence everything would be okay. What ended up happening was that they royally screwed the trade that was coming behind us, that didn't go over well. In the scheme of things what they did wasn't that bad, they just didn't think ahead as to how it would affect anybody else.

Had another project that I had to refund almost a $grand to the customer for a problem that one of my guys caused. Add to that one of the little fuckers ruined $800 worth of material simply by not paying fucking attention to what he was doing. Turns out that same guy was responsible for the loss of a couple hundred dollars of tools as well - let me say now that particular employee was terminated last week.

I knew I needed help in here and all these things brought shit to a head. I placed an ad last week for some help, some help that will make things better. Today I hired a new man, not a boy like the rest mind you, a man. Someone with a background very similar to mine, someone who when in charge will not allow the aforementioned "stupid shit" to happen. I've been hesitating to hire someone like that simply due to the cost, judging by the crap that has been going on the last few weeks, I decided I couldn't afford NOT to hire this guy. What I've spent on fixing the boys fuckups would have paid this man's salary for a month and a half.

Another fantastic thing about this hire is that I will also be able to use him in the office in almost any capacity. His experience is vast and wide ranging. Not only these things make it a great thing but simply the fact of how much this hire has shaken up the rest of the staff makes me happy. Since the time I informed them I was going to be doing this they seem to be shaping up, they know that I will NO LONGER TOLERATE the stupid shit. One man in particular is shaking in his boots about this, hopefully he'll improve, if not he knows what's next.

I see great things coming.

I also signed a lease on some bigger office space, we move next week. It's right next door so the move shouldn't be too bad. I am nearly tripling my space and I get a window, yippee. This will allow me to bring someone else into the office as well. Can't afford that person as of right now but when I can I'll have room; and for now I won't be cramped into this little box anymore. THE BEST PART... we get to have the company name on the sign above the door. It may be silly but y'all don't know how much that means to me. Remember when Steve Martin got the new phonebook in "The Jerk"? Yeah, that kind of excited - I'm somebody now!

Y'all have a fantastic weekend, I'll be in the office for a great part of it but there is also some time to ride planned. Gonna get out the bike with the wind in my hair and ride, just ride.

** on a side note, new blogger won't let me post a pic. the little box isn't popping up - so fuck blogger too!**

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Just a post before I go...

Bout ready to head north and west to Panama City, FLA. Have to go visit a project for a day, 6 hour drive one way to spend an hour or two. Will be at the Hampton if anyone cares to stop by and visit the Pirate.

It is FreeBoobyTuesday, and, since I missed last week I'm gonna give ya two this week - or is it four? Never sure how to count the pups.

Hopefully DH and ATL won't be disappointed this week. Last week they came by late and only got a shot of my ass. And for the others that stopped by, thanks for the spanks, squeezes and the pinch. Really.

I loves a girl in the kitchen. Wonder what's cooking? Bacon would hurt.
This weeks posts come to us courtesy of cuz that's where I stole them.

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday. See ya in Panama City!

PS Blogger tells me I have to switch to new blogger the next time I sign in; I've been avoiding it for a while now if ya don't see me for a while that's why. I hate it when people move my damn cheese.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

HNT - A little behind

Yippeee, it's Thursday!

Okay, that's the extent of my enthusiasm today.

Haven't posted an HNT yet this year, but, since I had a request to put one up I figured I'd better. Searched through the archives for a special pic (one not yet posted) but couldn't find what I was looking for so you get this one. Hope this will cheer you up friend - it's the best I got to offer today.

Click on the blue button to the right, yeah that one over there and play HNT with all the cool kids.

**Update on my worker, he's got no broken bones but his foot is still sore as hell. He's hobbling around but working; his dedication to taking care of his kids is incredible. He's driving the company truck til he gets his shit sorted out, hopefully soon he'll be able to get some more transportation.

Friday, February 02, 2007

FuckedUp! Friday

Hey folks, gonna take a departure from the typical FuckYou! Friday and share with y'all a fucked up Friday.

Been a tough week for the Pirate and his crew. Started on Monday with an event that would make Mr. Fabulous proud, one of my guys put a drill bit through a 1 1/2" hot water pipe and flooded the Yankee's locker room at Legends Field, their spring training facility. No major deal, cut open the wall had the pipe patched and put the wall back. Luckily the Yankees are the forgiving type...

Continued from there with another couple of unfortunate events, culmanating last night with the same man plowing his Durango into a major power pole. Spent last night at the hospital with him til about 1 am, think he has a broken foot and a few other problems, but should come out of it okay. Problem is that he probably won't be able to work for a while.

This guy has been with me since the beginning almost a year ago and has worked his ass off. He is a single father with two boys, ages 1 and 2. The mother just up and left for Cali not quite a year ago with another man and has put my guy through hell ever since. She abandons the boys and him and then she and her family are constantly filing "anonymous" abuse complaints with the Department of Children and Families. Ya think they could just leave him well enough alone.

This man is up every morning and gets the kids to daycare, works all day, grabs them and takes them home, cares for them when they're sick, doctors appt's and all, all by himself. I know a lot of you are single parents so you can agree that this is tough. He is seriously trying to elevate himself from where he came. His family is basically non-existant, I don't know where his mom is, his dad is an alchoholic and lives with him. For the most part, one of my other guys and I are the closest thing to family he has and pretty much all the support he has.

So, now, I sit here, tired, beat to death and confused, wondering what to do. Currently we are at a very low point for cash flow, gonna be real hard to carry him on payroll while he can't work. And I also need to find someone to do the work he can't do. I absolutely cannot bail on him, that would be the easy thing but hell, when do I take the easy route. Yeah, the pirate has a heart, some of you already know that.

The Mrs and I can help with the kids, but the cash well is dry right now; besides he's already into me for a couple grand between the divorce attorney and a few prior problems. Now he's out a vehicle, insurance will probably pay it off but it's not gonna get him a new truck..

Well, during the writing of this the boy hobbled in here. Seems to be in decent shape, says he's not on any pain pills - at the moment. Maybe he's not all that bad off physically. We went over and saw his truck at the tow shop, it's definitely totalled. Too bad, was a nice truck. He's off to cash his check and look into some more transportation. Still has some issues to deal with, I still have some issues to deal with as well. As always, I suppose we'll work it out. I simply can't wait to put an end to this fucking week.

The saving grace of the day is tonight I have some damned good seats for Spamalot, a Monty Python musical at the performing arts center. A bright spot in my day, gonna do another hour here and call it.

Hope everybody has a great weekend, we'll be back on Monday with a fresh attitude and hopefully some new ideas to never have a week like this again.