Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Dammit y'all, how many times do I have to say it...

This is fucking Florida. Was a chilly 37 degrees when I got in the truck this morning, didn't have to scrape ice but seriously, I've only got so many long sleeve shirts. It's Tuesday and I'm out of warm clothes, it better warm up tomorrow or I got to call in sick or something.

Anyways, as always, it gave me an idea for Tuesday here on the ship. I kinda thought Free(zing) Booby Tuesday was clever - if you don't agree the plank is over to your right, please, step off.

So, maybe I don't have snow but boobies in the snow was the best I could do, there were no returns for my search on Frosted Boobs. And now, on with the show... I ccould just never sail far enough north to encounter this.

Have a great day people, and for Ja's sake, stay warm! Can't afford to lose any crew members this week. And if ya got an extra warm beanie or flannel shirt hanging about send it to your old pal Billy.

Friday, January 26, 2007

FuckYou! Friday

It's FLORIDA dammit!

I'm not supposed to be scraping ice off my fucking windshield. Welcome to Friday in Tampa, there's frost on the rooftops and the grass, would have taken a pic but Sweetpea was late for school and we had to go. Ya know 42 degrees is a fine temperature for your beer but not for your Pirate.

So, fuck you to the forces of nature that brought the chill to my damn neighborhood. Yeah, I know, some of you are dealing with major snow falls and ice storms and subfreezing temperatures but c'mon, I live in a subtropical climate for Ja's sake, not in the great white north. You made your choice I made mine, I hate the fucking cold.

Nuff said, hope everybody has a great fucking weekend. I get to sleep in. Hells yeah.

That is all.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Catchin up...

Well, it's late Wednesday and as of this minute I've got about 39 hours in this week. I slow down pretty damn well don't I? I keep waiting for the slow time that was supposed to be here in November and it's just not getting here. I've got 4 guys working in St. Pete and I and another guy went to Orlando last night and tonight. I'm thinking about maybe taking half a day Saturday off, guess we'll find out how that goes... TME, I have been delegating. :>)

Friday should be a good day, plan to close another big job, and, hopefully, maybe close a deal on a larger office space. I need more room and can't get it where I am, a space is opening up across the parking lot with 5 offices in it. The plan is to take the entire unit, keep the two largest offices and sublet the rest. I'll control the unit, be able to gain offices back as needed and, best of all, get my name on the big sign over the front door. Get me some wood just thinking about it. pardon me whilst I touch myself..

We'll call the stuff up there the Wednesday Bidness Report. The backlog is steady at about $400K, hope to add $100k on Friday and have the lead on another $30K bid. I so fucking rock.

So, that gets Wednesday out of the way, now to ATL LG's question about what happened to Tuesday. Tuesday passed by before I noticed but ya know, boobies are important, I mean really important. At least to ATL and myself. Something that gets me just as much as boobies is curly hair, luvs me some curly hair. So, without further adieu, here's some boobies for a late FreeBoobyTuesday with a dose of some cute as hell curly hair. Figure since I was late I'd fine myself two pics in addition to the one I didn't post to begin with.

So, maybe it is a fixation, sue me. Although I kinda like the setting too, cool looking out the window behind her. It took me a while to notice the city out there.

I need to hit the sack y'all. I'll get back here when I can and I'll get around to you guys again before long. Gotta get through this week yet. Take care.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Moday Update

Hey all! Had a lot of questions about the doctor visit last week. I have no news. Went Wednesday for an Echocardiogram and to drop some blood. During the echo I layed on my side and watched my heart beating on the TV, pretty freaky. First off this proves I do indeed have a heart, while this may damage my rep as a pirate so be it. It was cool to watch this organ contract and the valves open and close. I asked if they could email the video to me but they told me no. I can however take in a blank CD and they will burn me a copy. Maybe sometime I'll get a copy and post it - wouldn't that be cool? Have an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow, after that I'll visit my regular doctor and get all the news. Y'all know when I do, thanks for your concern.

Was a tough week for Sweetpea. The motor on her Tbird blew Wednesday night on her way home from work, she drifted to the side of 75 and called me. She handled it better than I ever would have expected, she was calm and locked herself in the car and waited for me to get there. I called AAA and they came to tow it about an hout later. We had been sitting in my truck waiting with the lights and the radio on... When the guy pulled out with the Tbird, I went to start the truck to follow him and I had a dead battery. oh shit. Luckily I had the drivers cell phone and he turned around, came back and jump started my truck. We got home about 1 am, what a day.

Friday she was driving her Mom's Trailblazer and the drivers side window broke, then Sunday at 7:30 am she was leaving for work in my truck and backed over my fucking flagpole, snapped it in half. What was left in the ground was bent at a 45 degree angle. The neighbor saw it later that morning and wondered if I had torn it down cuz the Bucs did so bad this year. She's not driving anywhere for the next couple of day so she should be okay.

Sunday morning I had an email from a Marine in Cali, he had been in the archives and read the story about Charlotte the Cardboard Cowgirl. He wondered if I still had her, which I do, and wanted to know if I could send her to them. Apparently the Marines ain't scared of no curse. He assured me that if she kept up her mischevious ways that they could dispatch of her "in a most spectacular fashion". Waiting to hear back from him with an address so I can mail her out. Semper Fi!

Have a meeting this morning for another job, this one's worth about $100k; if I close it, this will put me at 1/4 of my 2 year goal and we've only been up and running for 8 months. Not bad huh? Looking for capital investors, I need more office space and I need someone in the office besides me, we are bursting at the seams here. Hired my 4th field guy this morning and looking for 2 more, damn we are growing, and fast.

Got to run, more later. More on Gasparilla later this week too.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hey all, welcome to FreeBoobyTuesday!

Been a slow posting week, see I haven't put up anything since last Wednesday... say it with me - SLACKER! Lots happening, just not writing it down. Last Wednesay a cousin of mine and her new beau came to visit, nothing unusual about that 'cept that I hadn't seen her in 7 years. She's from my dad's side of the family, we never saw that branch of the tree all that often; I spose cuz they lived further away than he cared to drive. Matter of fact I've only seen folks from that branch 4 times in the last 20 years. 3 of those for funerals, talk about a fun time to get together.

This time was for fun, I made a great dinner with the help of Babygirl. She made her world famous BBQ shrimp whilst I threw together several racks of ribs and the fixins. We ate and drank and smoked and ate and then dranks some more. A good time was had by all. As usual we promised to never let that much time pass again before we see each other...

This cousin and I have always had a certain click between us, not sure what it is but it was just always there. This trip I may have found out a reason why - she loves Pirates - but c'mon, really, who doesn't? This is something that we had never known about each other, to me that was really cool, she was freaked by the theme of the room they slept in - which was the old home office. I never moved all the priate flags and shit to the new corporate offices over the summer so she enjoyed her space.

Which brings me to an announcment. Quiet please. TME, turn that jackhammer off will ya? This is improtant. Another one of the reasons I love Tampa is that this time of year we have a little party known as Gasparilla, it's a pirate invasion of the city. Starting next weekend and ending on January 27th with the invasion. Every January, a great percentage of the population here turns pirate, and it's a blast. Too bad Kelly has kinda disappeared from the blog scene cuz last year she was talking about coming down for it - miss ya kid. The Pirates are coming! The Pirates are coming! You can visit the link for more info, and if ya decide to come let me know.

Now, for the reason I love Tuesday - BOOBIES! Softball Slut suggested body shots were in order last week to "celebrate the sale" and who am I to deny my lovely, plaid skirted assistant. Love the ponytails BTW, nice touch. Now without any further adieu, FreeBoobyTuesday, body shot style.

Y'all have a great day - I'm gonna.

and for those of you keeping track - I have an appointment for an echogram with doppler tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday's Business Report

Avast me hardies, come aboard; it be time for the weely bidness meetin'.

The old Pirate is gonna try to keep this up to date this year, well, at least posting it anyway. Quickbooks and Excel are keepin it up to date, which is cool cause a honest pirate acountant is hard to come by.

You'd have to dig pretty deep into the archives to find where Brazen Billy's Business Report started and since I ain't going back and looking for it I don't expect y'all to either. So, brief explanation of what we're talking about here is my three Bs. Bids - the $ amount of quotes we issued, Bookings - the $ amount of quotes that turned into contracts and billings - how much we invoiced. Thinking I should translate all this into Pirate lingo, but maybe next week.

For the first week of January 2007 we shaped up like this.

Bids - $13,045.00 (low)
Bookings -$226, 170.00 (that gives me wood)
Billings - $1,817.56 (that makes me panic)

Another very important B is the backlog, that is the amount of work we have under contract waiting to be performed. The jobs we submit quotes on are usually not done for at least 6 to 8 months, some are longer out, some happen right away, but 6 to 8 months is the average. So we always need that Backlog number to be high as that is the work we have to look forward to and it helps us work out our financial plans.

Current Backlog - $ 396,761.00 (not bad at all for now)

Considering that total billings for 2006 were just a bit over $100k, 2007 is shaping up to be a decent year. The current backlog is 20% of what I hope to build the company to, the business plan calls for us to have a backlog of $2 million in June of 2008. Now if I can just get the paperwork noose off my neck and get out and sell we may stand a chance of getting there.

Well thanks for not sleeping thru the meeting and a big thanks to my accountability partners for keeping me on the ball. Softball Slut I expect you - ummm, I mean the meeting minutes on my desk by noon.

And just so the entry today isn't a total boring loser I'm throwing in a pic I don't know why I didn't find before Xmas. So bear with a holiday photo of what could be the Pirate's very favoritest elf.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hey Peoples, it's the first FreeBoobyTuesday of the new year.

I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and support for my big sale week, it was huge for me and the company. Now, if I only had a way to celebrate that achievement. Got another one yesterday, only $2k but everything counts right?



God I love Florida, the beach and everything tropical.

Then again, I just love boobies, I really like these.

That's right, it's 2 for Tuesday, or maybe like 8. But who's counting...

Enjoy your day folks, and if you can come up with a way for me to celebrate my achievement, and it must be celebrated, by all means let me know.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Still Kickin

Hey y'all. Happy New Year and all that Jazz.

It's the first Pirate post of the new year and ya know what? It's short.

Holidays went well. Christmas went off without a hitch, just the fam and the mother-in-law, luckily she likes me. Took her about 12 years to realize that I was indeed a decent guy and for her to stop calling me by the wifes first husbands name but hey, guess it was worth the wait.

For New Years had my cuz and his family stop in on their way back from the northlands. They spent a few days and a relatively low key New Years Eve with us. Sweet Pea and Baby Girl went out to their own parties, the old folks stayed home. Since the Mrs. had to work New Years Day we started early. Beers were flowing around noon, Lemon Drops were served starting at about 2pm and by 6 we were all pretty much in the bag. Needless to say all but the Pirate were in bed before 11 pm. We simply fucking rock. Doesn't seem like all that long ago we'd drink and partake of pleasures all night long to watch the sunrise, what the fuck happened here?

Now, the BIG announcement. Should post this on Business Wednesdays but I can't wait.

The company just got it's biggest contract to date. $224,250.00. FUCK YEAH! Since we only had about $160k in work on the books we basically doubled in size overnight. Guess the good things are worth waiting for eh? I am one happy fucking camper. This is gonna look real good on our resume.

And the best part? Not that I like to cause a stir. Okay, I do like to cause a stir - piss off. There are about 4 competitors in town going who the fuck are these guys? The contractor called me yesterday to tell me that people are having a fit cuz 1) they didn't get the work and 2) they don't have a clue as to who the hell we are. So, not only did we get a simply fucking beautiful contract - we got the competition tripping all over themselves. Life is good. See what you get for answering your phone and taking care of your customers?

Take a note competition - y'all been around long enough. You don't take care of your customers and most of you simply get work cuz there's no other choice for the customers to make. Now there is, and it's me. I don't want to be the biggest, I just wanna be the best. I won't take all your customers, just enough from each of you to get me my $2.5 mil a year. And from what I hear, it ain't gonna be too damn hard.

As far as the Pirates health goes, he's about back to normal. Then again I've heard that "normal" is just a cycle on the washing machine. Have a few follow up appts to make and I'll get them done. The biggest resolution for the new year is to delegate, something that may be even tougher for me that not smoking or eating right, but I gotta do it. Just need to move past those trust issues...

Well, so much for a short post. Softball Slut, you better get ready to work, this assistant job is about to get serious - hope your feeling better after that crash. And ATL LG, I have some technology issues that need some attention. All hands on deck, it's time for the crew to get to work...

Have a great day y'all.