Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday dinner with the Pirate

Looks like it's just us for dinner tonight; the Mrs. is working, so is Sweetpea, Babygirl is off with a boy to see a movie and won't be home til 8. How bout dinner by the pool?

We're gonna be having some ribs, corn on the cob and yellow rice. The ribs and corn are on the grill.

Well, looks like it's ready. Have a seat, I got you a beer and a sweet tea.

Damn, that was good. Really, you can trust me on that. Now that I sit here writing this there's a thunderstorm rolling in from the southwest. The wind is whistling through the screenroom, lightning flashing and thunder booming - no rain yet. Clouds are looking evil though, could be interesting.

Hope y'all enjoyed your Sunday and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

HNT - lanai edition

Stole this shot from ATL LG, well not the pic actually, but the idea though. Thanks pal.

Wishing a Happy HNT to all and a wonderful weekend as well. Off to Ft Lauderdale in the early am, have two jobs to finish up there and I'll be done down south.

Interviewed a secretary today, thinking I can have someone in the office taking care of the BS and I can spend a little more time on the road taking care of jobs and selling. How many other corporate bosses address their own envelopes and do their own filing anyway?
I'll get it right, just wait.

Edison found over 1400 ways not to make the light bulb before he found the one that worked, hopefully it won't take me that long but you get the picture.
Winston Churchhill said, "Never, never, never quit". and I won't.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Special Kind of Stupid

That's what I've been repeating for the last 5 or 6 days. A special kind of stupid, not your regular garden variety of stupid, a special kind. This goes far beyond being "not the sharpest knife in the drawer", or maybe "not the brightest crayon in the box" or even "dumber than a box of rocks".

Nope, this is a special kind of stupid, the kind you have to mail away for cuz the stores don't carry it. Maybe from a catalog, or perhaps one of those late night infomercials with the guy that yells. This stupid is probably made in the USA and not China because there's certainly no defects to it. It's a special kind of stupid.

Trouble is, I don't necessarily know who it really applies to. I'd like to think it was in the possesion of the guys who used to work for me, that's right, used to. Or the guy I hired to keep watch over those guys, he's gone too. Or maybe, just maybe, it belongs to me for hiring all those guys. I'm a "the buck stops here" kinda guy so it does probably belong to me. So, it would only make sense that I would spend the last 5 or 6 days correcting problems, fixing stuff they did and installing product that I was told was already installed.

Ya'd think that grown-ups or adults or people that are old enough to have to work and pay their bills would have just a bit of responsibility about them. Well, you'd be wrong - at least as far as it applied to the bunch that I had working here. I've seen things in the last few days that have made me cringe and then wonder what kind of stupid you'd have to be to do something like that and then it hit me, a special kind of stupid.

I'd love to regale y'all with the gory details of the shit I've seen in the past week but that'd just bore ya. But believe this, it was fucking insane. I'd seen product installed so damn incorrectly that it would have been impossible to stand back from it and say "Hey, that looks good." I saw product installed in the wrong part of the building, that I fixed yesterday, 14 hours so school could open today. The effin morons installed it in the rooms that were to be demolished and remodeled this fall instead of the rooms that needed it to open today. And apparently my superintendant, my savior last spring, knew it and covered it up, hid it from me. WTF?

Yup, a special kind of stupid.

Guess I'm gonna be needing some help in the HR department, gotta get a new crew. I've got a couple of weeks to get it done, and well, that's what I do, get it done. Time to rethink some strategies, maybe alter the plans a little, but, life does go on and so will this biz. Just without so much stupid.

And now for something completely different... I want to say goodbye to MG, Margarita Girle, one of my mostest favoritest bloggers. A fan of tequila, Waffle House and loud angry music, she earned a place in my heart a few years ago and she signed off recently, to write here no more. I miss her and I wish her the best, always.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HNT - it's a beach

Hey all.

Another pic from vacation. One of my favorite poses from the weekend.

Happy HNT!

Monday, August 13, 2007

now that was a good time.

Okay, here ya go, in no particular order, cuz officially I'm still on vacation, some various pictures from the trip to Anna Maria this weekend. This is our room, well part, there was a separate bedroom and the couch folded out, two bathrooms, way cool with three women and a small kitchen.

Birds on the beach, all weekend.

Count over third from the left, bottom row, that's the room.

doo, doo doo, looking out my backdoor.

Kids in the pool, lens was foggy...
For three days, this was the view that set the tone for my morning coffee; well, that and a heavy shot of Baileys.

C'mon. Me? At the beach? But of course there was Corona, I mean really.

But wait, there's more. The aforementioned Baily's, the typical Rum Runner mix and a bottle of Riesling and most importanly, the ke ke. What is that you ask? If you like Key Lime Pie, you're gonna love this stuff. Chill it, you may want to top a shot with whipped cream, yeah, it's good.
And of course, the Pirate's own Pina Colada recipe.

And my cake, German Chocolate. yum

Saw a few of these, beautiful sunsets, and a thunderstorm at night over the water as well. I love the little boy in this pic, playing in the tidal pool - did a lot of that myself. Happens when you get to be 8 years old for a while.

And to those of you that worry about me, I really took all the days off, I relaxed, I got f*cking drunk, I got indebriated, I got sleep, I played in the water and I did it all again the next day. No work whatsoever, not even a voice mail.

brought home a new sign for the lanai as well

"If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough"

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just thought I

should post something.

Kills me, when I'm a kid I can't wait for summer to get here and it's always over too fast.

In this biz, summer's here before you know it and it never seems to end.

I've got 13 projects that MUST be completed by next Friday, cuz there'll be kids in the building that following Monday. If you didn't know the bulk of my business is educational.

Guess then, summer is officially over and I'll be able to breathe again.

I can't wait.

I also can't wait for this weekend. Four days, count em, FOUR days on the beach. with beer. My Gulf front room with a balcony will be ready at 3 pm on Friday, I'll be waiting.

Maybe then, just maybe, I'll make it through next week. Here's hoping.