Thursday, January 31, 2008

and now for something completely different

These weren't supposed to be an HNT, I found and scanned the pics on Sunday. Fully meant to post this earlier in the week but the time just slips away don't it.

Here's a little retro blast from the past for the crew. Travel back with me if you will, the year is 1980; damn that seems like a long fucking time ago eh? In some way's it is, but in others it's yesterday. 1980 for the pirate was my senior year at THS; my alma mater, nestled comfortably somewhere along the Ohio river. Small town USA, 600 kids in the school, 125 in my senior class. One of those places where everybody knows everybody... that's a story in itself.

This story on the other hand is Senior Prom, eh, not a story really, more like a couple old pics. I found them Sunday while looking for something completely unrelated and thought them to be entertaining, maybe y'all will to. Hell, if nothing else, laugh at the clothes, I did. The crowd here are my bros from high school, best of friends for years. We had our own lunch table, a club all to ourselves, and we invented clubs so we had more opportunities to get our mugs in the yearbook.

We were the guys in the hall reciting the Rocky Horror Picture Show between classes, scenes from Saturday Night Live (the good stuff with the Not Ready for Primetime Players) and loads of Monty Python. At talent show time we performed Chicago's "Beginnings", a skit with the characters from Mash and a most excellent version of Samuri Photomat, I got to be Belushi - kimono, sword, ponytail, oh yeah.

On your left is Doug and his date Kelly, Doug did the army, some PI work and has fallen off the radar.

Below is Randy. Not sure where his date is, matter of fact I don't remember who it was. I do remember he had one though - only goes to show I haven't lost it entirely. Oh yeah, last check he was selling insurance.

On the left are Paul and Barb. Paul grew up to be a police officer.

Down here is Jim and Teresa. I have the most contact with Jim, he's an entreprenuer like myself. He's had a manufacturing company and then chased his dream of a music store.

Last but not least, yours truly and my high school sweetheart Debbie. She's a nurse now and well, y'all know I grew up to be a pirate. Looking at this I think that I really wouldn't mind having some of that hair back.

Well, there you go, Senior Prom 1980. And almost the entire cast of the Infamous Plebney Bro's, ah, those were the days.

Have a great Friday peoples. Garrr.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

man, did y'all get lucky...

I said that I missed FuckYou Fridays, then came the FuckMe Friday. I came on here the other day to write about what a fucking disaster Friday was and before I knew it I was 8 paragraphs deep into a mindless, although highly entertaining, Billy rant and no where near finished; y'all didn't really need that so I'll spare the details and give ya the highlights.

Had a job at the local airforce base, install some TV mounts on the walls. No big deal right? Ya think? Told the guys they'd be searched top to bottom to get access to the base, not just them but the truck and maybe even the material boxes. I say just don't have anything questionable in the truck, if you think it may cause a problem, take it out. Now, the important part of this is I told them this 3 times the afternoon before and twice that morning. So, tell me what the fuck do you think happened.

Had to be classic right? I mean for me to writing about it and all. Well, yeah, it is. We have a saying around here for what happened, it's called "A Special Kind of Stupid". Seems that just prior to arriving at the base, like 2 blocks prior, the guy driving the truck REALIZES he has some weed in the truck. Yep, that's what I said, weed in the truck. Now never mind the fact that he shouldn't have weed in the company truck, nor anyway mind you cuz that stuff is illegal, or so I hear. He tries to hide the shit in the truck, IN THE TRUCK, the one I told him would be SEARCHED. Yep, special kind of stupid. He thinks he can hide a half ounce of weed from an air force search team. The kind with guns, and dogs, and shit. Yep, special kind of stupid.

Long story short, they never got on the base, they did get banned for life and the driver is not only waiting to hear from the states attourney's office about what charges will be filed he also lost his job. Hated to do it, he was my favorite, just couldn't justify being able to keep him after that. That in itself is amazing, I can usually justify anything, big part of being a boy.

Okay, so that was how the day started. Mid day I signed a lease on a new office/warehouse space. Little further from home but everything will be in one spot and I save a few hundred a month. Cool.

Okay, now you get to hear about how the day ended. Sweet Pea totalled another fucking car. Yes, she is alright, just shaken up, thanks for asking. Seems she tried to make a left turn and didn't see the car COMING AT HER. She got plowed, got hit dead on the passenger rear tire and spun 180 degrees. She came through surprisingly well, the car, not so much.

That's two for her, not good (here's the story on the first, it has a pic of the Tbird too). Probably gonna get our insurance cancelled. I love her and all but can I fire her too (?) she's a liability. Next car will be a five hundred dollar pos, and she's gonna have to pay for it and her own damn insurance policy too.

So, Friday kinda (read severely) sucked but I damn sure made up for it Saturday. Had people over, jello shots, beers, wine, ganja - it's different from weed, it's imported - a bonfire and guitars and blues harps and a few people who weren't afraid to sing. Damn good time, I needed that, it'd been way too long. I love chasin people out at 3 in the morning. Y'all should come over next time and hang.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It was a hiatus, yeah, that's it, a hiatus.

Yeah, right, hiatus my ass... I just ain't had the chance to do this. And ya know what? I miss it.

The daily rants, the HNTs, Fuckyou Fridays yeah, the whole bit. Who'da thunk it. Just ain't got the time to do this anymore. Need to make it though. Miss my pals.

Can't even believe it's been since early December that I last posted. Lotta shit goin on, I know, I know, same story different day. Such is the life of your pirate buddy. More drama than TNT.

Let's see, what'd we miss. How about Merry Chistmas? Maybe, Happy New Year! Yeah, that's good.

Thanks to all that continued to stop by, even in my extended absence. I appreciate y'all looking in on me. Poor Maureen, I think she thought I just fell off the face of the earth. I'm here darlin, just lurkin.

Biz is going well. Earning money as always, just none in the pocket now. Keep tellin myself, yep, nother couple of weeks and it'll all be okay. Poor deluded bastard. Been doing that for two years now. So far I've talked myself past the point where many others have failed. Just keep remembering Winston Churchill - "Never, never, never quit". Works everytime.

Currently at six employees, added another guy in the field about a month ago, could use two more - just can't pay two more. Had a change in the office staff. The chick I hired in late August was terminated with a fucking veangence early in December. Just had enough, man had I had enough. Her last day... there were 267, yeah, I fucking counted 267 internet page views in her browser history - oddly enough almost ZERO of them had something to do with work. Her shit was packed in a box when she arrived the next morning.

The new kid, love calling her that, new kid, is a dream. Trying to be careful and not give her a big head - she'll want more money or something - but she's good. Learned quickbooks and now I no longer carry around my big ass envelope of receipts to enter once every month or so anymore. We have daily accounting now - holy shit. Keep piling stuff on her and it keeps getting done, gotta love it. Hope this lasts. really.

The house is still over run with estrogen. Puberty on one end, menopause on the other; yee fucking haw. But I love them all, kinda makes me wonder about my mental state. No huge problems lately with the girls - can't get into too much trouble when your ass is grounded and Dad makes all your decisions. That won't last long but it's working for now - I needed the fucking peace.

Hope y'all are doing okay, I try to visit but have been pretty much a slacker lately. I'll get back more often, at least more often than a month and a damn half from now...