Saturday, July 28, 2012

Holy b'jezus he's back

Hey y'all, if there's anybody still out there, I'm here.  Hello...?

It's July, 2012.  I'm in a whole new place.

Okay, I teased you guys a year ago.  Wasn't on purpose, I promise...

For those of you who were around for the beginning - the wife is gone, the business is gone, and if you're in FLA, well, I'm gone.

I've settled in NC, the place has a history of pirates so I kinda feel at home here.  New line of work, new way of life, and, for all intents and purposes, single.  Suppose that's the way a pirate should be eh?

I've been thinking about coming back here for a while, gotta say I'm flattered to have had a few emails from some regulars over the past year, and well, I'm back.  I miss my writing, my posts du jour.  Tell me is there still an HNT?  Still a Fuck You Friday?  Would you still welcome a Free Boobie Tuesday?  Or has the world moved on, are those old hat? 

I need to pick up where I left off.  I need to come back to the world of stories and rants and random observations on life.  I want to see my old friends.  I don't live that far from April now, we still talk.  Haven't heard from Green Eyes in years, and miss her.  Bellacara, well, now that's a woman who...   damn sure miss her too.  I know how to find her, she actually shows up on my LinkedIn account... but it'd be great if she'd say hi on her own.  Kelly, Maureen, Jack - y'all wrote, are you still out there?  MG?  Tell me you're out there somewhere... name the Waffle House, I'll be there!

Yep, I'd love to see the old crowd, but hell, how about some new friends too.  There's way too much fun to be had here.  If you're new and stopping by check out some old posts.  Some of the stories are actually pretty good if I do say so myself.  So to old friends welcome back, and to new friends welcome - glad  you stopped by.  And stay tuned, cuz baby I'm back.