Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas to All

Busy crazy busy Ted.

Yeah, I know, you've heard that before. Still true though.

Currently negotiating a $218,000.00 contract, that'll double our backlog of work. We're sitting on $168k right now. Moving forward, slowly, but moving forward.

Went to the doctor Wednesday for a follow-up. Status is I am being sent to a Neuro for an evaluation, being sent for an echocardiogram and yet more bloodwork. The cholesterol was high but not as high as I had expected, so I am being given a chance to lower it on my own before they tell me I have to take meds for it. And I am now taking a baby aspirin everyday. Still no reason for what happened, no specific cause and I seem to be about back to normal with the exception of just not giving a fuck about anything. I've only felt like me for maybe two days out of the last 3 weeks, hoping this doesn't last much longer - I hate not being me.

I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, that is unless you celebrate something else then have a happy whatever that may be. I hope that all my blogger buds get something that will bring them some happiness and joy no matter what it may be.

I was gonna try not to be a Grinch this year but hey, this doesn't look too bad.
Y'all take care.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Twas the Tuesday before Xmas
and all thru the blogs
folks were making wish lists
and sucking down nog

or Tequila and Vodka
or whatever you choose
to make sure the Holiday
don't get to you
The pirate was searching
high and then low
for some Xmas time boobies
to post for the show
He went thru the archives
and then google and yahoo
and a couple of websites
for boobies to show you

He searched and he searched
for boobies with cheer
something in tune with
the day that was near.

Billy looked and he looked
for the perfect pair
Maybe some by the tree
or the fireplace in a chair

He finally came up with not
one pair but three
he found some with ornaments
in front of the tree

So here we go folks
my ever faithful crew
It's FreeBooby Tuesday
from the Pirate to You!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Keepin it on the down low...

Hey all.

Still here and kicking. Barely today.

This trying to rest and relax shit is gonna kill me, mainly cuz I just ain't no good at it.

I be worn out and tired and feeling sickly, hopefully this too shall pass.

I had a call today from a contractor I deal with and the man wants to award us a job worth about $200K, I should be doing a fucking happy dance - all I can do is sit here. That just ain't right.

Hope everybody's week is a good one and you get all your Xmas shopping done.

Oooh, speaking of Xmas...

Whaddaya do with a Baby Jesus?

Odd question I know, but hear me out.

Sweetpea, Babygirl and I went out and bought a tree yesterday, a holiday shrubbery if you will, and a couple of poinsettas so we could Xmas out the inside of the house. We got back and moved some furniture and I went out the front door to bring the tree inside and when I stepped out there was a baby Jesus on my doorstep.

A tiny baby Jesus in a cradle, sitting on our door mat? Replete with halo. A baby Jesus. Now we have no idea where it came from and quite frankly it was a little creepy. Neither of the girls would go near it. Totally strange, guessing maybe one of our neighbors thinks we need a little help?

So, question of the day is??? If you walked out the front door and found a baby Jesus on your doormat - what would you do with it?

Friday, December 08, 2006

FuckYou! Friday

Thinking maybe I ought to tone it down this week. I had a lot of FuckYous! posted last Friday, guess I had a lot of pent up agression that needed to be released but in the end it was me that pretty much got fucked - and not in a good way...

FuckYou! Friday this week goes to me, cuz I got it coming.

Fuck me for working so damn much.
Fuck me for trying to do everything myself.
Fuck me for not cutting myself some slack every once in a while.
and last but not least...
FUCK ME for nearly killing me.

It's been a helluva week for the Pirate. Trying to relax, trying to take it easy, trying... but not really doing it. I've been to the office everyday this week, am here now... Working slowly, but still working. Not the hours I have been but shit if it doesn't get done, it'll still be here for me to do and then it'll be late too.

Been a week of reflection, quiet and otherwise. There's been shouting and screaming and some soft gentle conversations. There's been some decisions about what's important and what's not, what really matters and what doesn't; the Pirate has to reduce his stress. pffft. More decisions, more stress. It'll never go away, will it?

I've always been one to say, "Ya know, if I can't each steaks and cheeseburgers and fries and chicken wings and drink and smoke and carry on what the hell am I living for?" Guessing that maybe my philosophy will be changing; maybe not by choice, but since I choose to stick around it'll be changing none the less.

I don't play with some of y'all when you do the count, but I gotta tell ya, I've been counting this week. And that definitely includes my blogger pals, thanks for the words of support (including those of you that have threatened to come down here and kick my ass if I don't listen to the doc)

Hope everybody has a great fucking weekend!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

FreeBooby Tuesday

Hey all, still alive and kicking. Still wornout and drained also. Not doing well at keeping the stress level down either. Thanks for the love that was shown yesterday, if your just getting here and wondering why people would show the Pirate some love, check the post below.

It is FreeBooby Tuesday, even though it's late in the afternoon I figured I got to put something up since ATL LG advised folks to come here and look at boobies.

This one's not so much about the boobies as where the pic was taken. Subway, where I can get sammiches with 6 grams of fat or less. Seeing as how I've got to get serious about the whole cholesterol thing now, guessing cheeseburgers, fries and wings are off the menu. Got to remember to make some more oatmeal cookies too. Anyways, Subway.
How come that never happens when I'm there?? Then again maybe my heart couldn't take it.

Hope everybody is having a great day. Should be seeing the doc again in a couple days so I'll let y'all know what goes on.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm no Superman


Let's just say that the weekend didn't go anything like it was planned. It seems that this:
Will lead to this...

See them sexy shaved patches on my chest, and my legs, well that's where they attached the leads for the EKG and eventually the heart monitor. Dumbass Pirate... Seems that the Captain had what's called a "TIA" Friday evening when he was supposed to be out having fun. For the official definition check this out, for the simple answer say "mini-stroke" or brain attack. Yup, that's right, the pirate can't have a good time without something going wrong.

If you recall, when I left you Friday I was going out with the boys Friday night, we we're gonna go see boobies... Well... that never happened. Met up with the boys at T's house about 7pm, we smoked a bowl of some fine herb and decided that we'd hit a bar and shoot some pool before we went to see some fine adult entertainment. After a quick stop at the liquor store where the youngin's got bottles and I got a soda we headed to a little dive to play some pool and get our buzz on.

We grabbed a pitcher of beer and a table and I played the first game against J, should have known something was wrong then cuz I lost... anyway I sat down and finished my beer and poured another. I was perched on a barstool watching T and J shoot it out when something wasn't right. I was having a hard time seeing...

Within seconds I felt like I had been drinking all night and was severely fucked up. I couldn't see straight, I couldn't speak, I felt nautious and then I found out I couldn't walk. I was feeling very sick and decided that a chair would be much better for me than a barstool, I thought about going outside but didn't think I would make it. As I stood up from the barstool I stumbled forward and was about to go face down into the pool table when T caught me and set me back on the stool. He let go of me to ask what was wrong and apparently I fell down again. The rest of this story is second hand cuz I don't remember much of anything after this.

T says he caught me a second time and I couldn't respond to anything they asked me. They decided to take me outside to my truck and set me on the tailgate. Luckily the boys that work for me are some pretty good sized guys so they each took an arm and carried me to the truck, they told me that I was coming around and then my eyes rolled back and I went out again. I was out 3 times from what they said the longest being about 5 or 6 minutes, scared them to death. In reality they prolly should have called 911, live and learn, it all worked out. They were worried cuz we had smoked and been drinking; now before you ask, yes, that is all that we had done, no pills, no coke, no nothing else - just a little herb and some beer. I'm a pirate I can party all night long, this was fucked up, I hadn't even finished my second beer.

Most of the problems disappeared within a couple of hours, I had some lingering effects on Saturday but by Saturday night pretty much everything was back to normal. I still have a few things that bother me but so far so good. I didn't go to the hospital Friday night, just went to bed. My Friday night out lasted about 45 minutes counting the unconcious time on the back of the truck. dammit. Saturday morning I did the manly thing and decided that I really didn't want to see the doctor cuz I knew what he was gonna say, Saturday lunchtime I did the right thing and went anyway. The Doc decided he thought I had had a TIA and sent me to the hospital for some tests.

SO... I spent a lovely Saturday horizontal on a stretcher, I had a CATscan, and some bloodwork and a sonogram or two (no, I'm not pregnant), some Doppler work and a few Xrays. After all that I was told that they could not find any direct cause or any lasting damage. Lucky me. Gotta tell ya, I shiver at every little pain and bit of numbness now.

Called the boss in Cali yesterday and told him what had happened and that I was taking a few days off. Today this post comes to you from bed, where I am trying to relax and not think about all the shit I'm not getting done. I'll get over it, the unfinished shit that is (I hope).

Thanks to my boys I guess I'm gonna be okay, at least I don't have an ugly scar from slamming my head into the pool table, thanks T for catching me. Bitch of it is we didn't get to go out and see boobies. And needless to say I didn't make the concert yesterday either. Sweetpea came home last night limping on a sprained ankle and with a bloody knee - gotta love the pit.

Seems to be time for a little reassessment on how I am living my life. Haven't had a cigarette since the bar that night. That's making me crazy. Have tried to eat better the past couple days, guess we'll see how long it lasts. I'm supposed to reduce my stress levels as well, yeah, that'll happen. Anyway, that's how it is for now.

Hope y'all have great week and we'll see how well I do...

Friday, December 01, 2006

FuckYou! Friday

Holy blogshit Batman, the Pirate posted everyday this week!

How long can that last?

It's FUCKyou! Friday. This week I've got a list.

Sunday is Next Big Thing 6, the all day music fest sponsored by the local alternative music station 97X. I've gone the last two years with Sweetpea and her friends, see here for last years review and here for the official website and list of bands. Two problems this year that bring up the FuckYou! First of all, they moved it. For the first five years it's been at Coachman Park in Clearwater, an excellent location by the intracoastal, just right for an all day party... This year it's at the Amphitheater, WTF? How the hell do you expect people to sit in those hard ass plastic chairs for 12 fucking hours. Here's a special fuck you to whoever planned this from one of the folks that will probably be there.
Then, and this hurt the most, found out last night that Sweetpea isn't going with Dad!?!?! Whaddaya mean - not going with Dad. I've been looking forward to this all year, but NO, she's going with one of her friends. Daddy feels let down. So fuck her too. (okay not really, but I am disappointed)

And onward.

Fuck you to all the people on the road over the Thanksgiving Holiday who don't know how to drive on the highway. Yeah I drive 35k a year so maybe I'm a little more practiced than most but one of the first things my dad told me was if you're not passing stay in the right hand lane. SO, PEOPLE, LISTEN UP! Stay in the right hand lane, you'll not only save me aggravation you'll save everybody a lot of time as well.

Fuck you to the people that leased the office space next door, I wanted that. Now that I can finally afford it it's gone.

Fuck you to the folks that gave a job I was low bid on to the next highest bidder without calling me to ask about bonding. They said they would call me and we could work it out, then next thing I know the $86k contract is given to someone else. Note to self - look into bonding...

And finally, fuck me. I'm tired and worn out and so far behind I couldn't see my own ass with a telescope. Vacation kicked my ass and after a full week of 12 hour days I need some sleep. Maybe sooner or later I'll smarten up and realize that I can't have a full time job and my own business but it'll be another couple of months before I can give up that regualr paycheck.

But... tonight me and the boys are going out, they want to see strippers, who am I to deny that.

Have a great weekend peoples, a review of the newly relocated Next Big Thing 6 will be here on Monday and I'll let you know how sore my ass is from 12 hours of those damn plastic chairs.

Wait, one more fuck you, when I went to get the link for NBT6 to place above I saw that Blue October isn't gonna be there. C'mon people I was looking forward to them.