Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Half Nekkid Thursday!

Alright y'all, I'm here, I showed up, dressed out *smirk* and I'm ready to participate. Took a load of grief from the crew last week for not playing "HNT - The Anniversary Edition" so I gotta make it up this week. The crew expressed patience with me in their kind comments but a captain knows when there's trouble afoot and he's gonna try to quell the uproar. I was told that patience had it's price and that this weeks HNT better be good, hopefully you'll approve. CP approved of the racks on Tuesday so it's been a good week so far!

We had us the beginnings of a mutiny last week when several of the crew broke into me quarters and rifled through me frilly things. And, as if that wasn't cruel enough, they drank me booze, fiddled with me hook and stole me good sword. Typically micreants such as these would be dealt with severely, ya know, run through or made to walk the plank. Benevolent Captain that I am however, I allowed them to live, they're entirely too cute to do away with permanently. That little stunt did lead to me appointing a security officer to my door, you can meet him here if you haven't already. Beware the hamster. really. I mean it. He's got some sharp effin teeth.

So, here tis, this weeks HNT, although I may have taken liberties with the Half Nekkid part. Oh, and Green Eyes, always know that the Captain keeps a spare sword about. What kind of pirate would me be otherwise.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It may be 5:30, but it's still TUESDAY!

The Pirate is whooped ass tired folks, this working shit is gonna kill me yet. I long for the good old days when I just sat at my desk and visited my friends blogs all day...

It's Tuesday, FREEBOOBYTUESDAY, as a matter of fact. And while it is late afternoon the day's not over yet and I'm gonna share some boobies as is the custom. We have two sets this week, yep, two, sets, of boobies.

We got some big ass boobies for CP, she's waited long enough I suppose, hey does she even still come around here? She may have gotten tired of waiting for me to find something acceptable to her. CP, my Queen or Princess as it were, here are boobies just for you - hope those nips are big enough for you babe.
Now, for what I consider to be very special boobies, some that arrived courtesy of a blogger friend, ain't that cool? Said blogger got herself a new phone with a camera and took a shot. Now, what if you got pictures of your boobs and aren't sure what to do with them?? You send them to Billy, right? Right! And that's exactly what she did, sent em to me, yeah! Now not only are these nice boobies in their own right, they're fresh from the shower too. I love wet boobies, be they from the shower, the pool or maybe even the wet T-shirt contest at the bar down the street, they just seem to me to be a little more appealing. Okay, on with the boobs......
Now I know we talked about this but my mind is gone - no Lori, it ain't the ganja this time - I'm cannot rememeber whether she wanted to be named or not so I'm gonna err on the side of caution and leave her nameless. Friend, if you want credit, leave a comment or let me know and I'll edit this and insert your name. I know if those was my ta-ta's I'd be jumpin up and sayin hey those are mine...

Garrrr Have a great week all, I'll be back in a day or two...

Green Eyes, are you ever bringing back my sword? I may need it for HNT.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Please Stand By

Garr Mateys. The old pirate has way more work than his crew can currently handle and more on the way. HNT will have to wait, yeah, I know you've been waiting since last week, I do hope to get some boobies up tomorrow though. Got some for CP and another guest shot rolled in too, more Blogger boobies. Yeah, MG, I'm planning on two tomorrow.

I'll be in and out, if I don't visit your place it's not cause the Pirate's showing no love; it's just cause he's dead dog tired and worn out. Iffin you're feeling a little antsy and try to snake the Captains booze, remember the hamster lurks.

Have a great week all. And if you're sailing nearby, stop in, the Pirates hiring...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Not quite HNT yet...

Busy as hell the past couple of days and today is no different. Erika stopped to remind me yesterday that HNT is today and not to forget. I haven't forgotten just no pic yet. It will appear later today as I gotta run now.

But first, before I go. There appears to have been a breakin here yesterday. Seems that a few of the captain's crew were rummaging through the Captain's quarters, playing with his sword, eyepatch and hook, drinking his tequila and beer and generally running amok above and below deck.

Now the Captain enjoys a party just like anybody else... Thing is HE LIKES TO BE THERE TO ENJOY IT! In light of said recent activities Billy thought it wise to appoint a new chief of security here on the ship. He is one bad ass mo-fo and won't take any lip from anybody. He is one sneaky little bastard too, you generally never see him coming til it's too late. So, just to provide you with a little warning and to let you know who to look out for - I'd like you to meet Billy's new Head of Ship Security.......

Permisssion granted to come aboard mateys, but ye must beware the hamster!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Tagged by the Tequila Specialist

MG tagged my pirate ass to list 10 weird things about myself. She even gave me #1 so I only have to come up with 9 on my own. Let's see how that works out shall we?

1) Not a single drop of Tequila has been consumed on the Tequila Tour as of yet. (blasphemy)
2) This pirate owns neither a parrot, a hook or a ship. (does that count as 3?)
3) I sometime refer to myself now as Billy, speaking in the third person.
4) I constantly warn Sweetpea and Babygirl about the dangers of boys and tell them to stay away from them, all the while thinking of the injustice I am dealing to my breathern. tfb
5) When a boy does show up at my house I talk about my shotguns.
6) The phrase "condoms, condoms, condoms" is frequently heard at our dinner table.
7) The boys who show up here call me Mr. ______, I think they do it to make me feel old. little bastards
8) I have said publicly that I'd rather my daughters be lesbians than vegetarians.
9) I thoroughly inspect my food before eating it, it must pass the smell test. Right GE?
10) I've grown rather attached to all of my blogger mateys. Garrr.

SO. MG, how did I do?

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hey y'all, I missed posting FreeBoobyTuesday this week, but don't worry it'll be back next week with another blogger booby guest shot. And I also found a pair that may win CP's favor, we'll find out in two weeks. That is if she's still talking to me, she's a little miffed that she hasn't gotten to drink with the pirate yet...

To make up for missing FBT, we're gonna post Pirate Boobies today for HNT.

Get in the game and post yourself, play HNT with the cool kids. Surrender to the peer pressure and click the blue button to your right.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

HNT - Florida Style

Little bit of action in the old neighborhood yesterday afternoon, of the gator variety. There's a pond behind the house across the street and well, it's had some unwelcome tenants. We thought there was just one, yesterday the trappers pulled out two and think they missed the biggest one.

I was away when they pulled the first one out, he was already in the back of the truck when I got there. 6 footer, maybe 6'-6". Later, the trappers came back. They had set a hook with some nasty meat on it hanging at the water line, hadn't been 30 minutes since they left and this bad boy came after the bait and took the hook.

It took them about 10 minutes or so to get him to the shoreline and hit him with another hook and then wrestle him out of the water. He wasn't very happy about the whole ordeal but did take the time to smile for the camera.

We watched as they drug him up the bank and taped his mouth shut and covered his eyes. They left him tied to the back of a pickup truck for a bit and I decided to take advantage of it. So, what do y'all think of a new pair of alligator shoes? I think I'll just stick to my sneakers.

Happy HNT! Come play with the cool kids, click the HNT button over there to the right.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Y'all know what Tuesday means at Billy's place......BOOBIES.

Billy's a boy, well, except for that lone "woman pirate" vote; someone had to be a smartass. And as a boy, Billy likes boobies, always has always will. You know why boys don't have boobs? Cause we'd never get anything done, we'd walk around all day playing with our chests. Tough enough letting go of the one toy we were given, let alone to have to not touch our own personal boobs.

So every Tuesday here at the Pirate's place we present what we deem a worthy pair, a nice set, some fine ta-ta's as it were. This week is a special treat, we have some guest boobies. Normally, I'd spend hours surfing the net in search of the finest boobage available for display here in my little piece of the internet but today is different.

Today, dear FBT fans, is a pair that belong to a blogger, no - don't ask. The pic is a little small and black and white, which is a departure for FBT, but none the less, they're BOOBIES. And they're boobies sent to me, via email, for display on FBT. So without further boring talk on my behalf, heeeere's booooobies.

Wanna be anonymously famous? Donate a shot, it's completely tax deductible.