Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Now I know

Why some species eat their young.

The stories about Babygirl and her older man canot begin to compare to what her older sister has now perpetrated. She pulled a stunt on the school bus that has landed her a 10 day out of school suspension and possible criminal charges. FUCK.

I've spent more time "on the carpet" in the past week than I did during my entire high school career. And before you start, yeah, I pulled some crap in my day BUT nothing like this.

She was supposed to graduate mid year, as of today she's got 18 days of school left, hopefully.

I just wanna beat her with a 2 x 4, prolly wouldn't help her much but it would make me feel better. Alas, a loving, supporting father wouldn't do that, would he? So, just for once can I be the asshole Dad? Puhleeze?

Starting to think this is a great time for my mid-life crisis. There's a Porsche for sale down the street, and I can afford it. Of course it's a 1983 Targa, that's the only reason why...

Way too much drama, I'm really beginning to tire of it, seriously. I meant that. Can I have just one day, just one fucking day, without my life seeming like a fucking show on TNT - they're supposed to have the drama don't you know.

Who wants to run away with the Pirate??? It's getting to be that time.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Every now and then

I may be good for a paragraph or two.

Hey Maureen, I'm back from California. Actually, been back a couple weeks now I suppose. Had a good trip, got there in time for dinner Wednesday, meetings all day Thursday and flew out Friday morning. Rather a whirlwind of a trip and it went well.

Drama still abounds at home. Nothing unusual there. The word went down with Babygirl and so far no serious repercussions, no sign of the "boy". Have had a talk with her sister and a few of her friends about enabling that relationship to continue. I had seen a few text messages to big sister from the guy. Hopefully this will go away quickly, yes, I am delusional.

Big sister had her own share of trouble, apparently she had been using a stashed debit card that belonged to Mom. Bad move on her part. Big confrontation over that one. At one point there was a nice "I fucking hate you" to Mom, and she took off out the door. Y'all would have laughed your ass off to watch me go chasing after her. Finally caught her in the back yard at a small lattice fence by the pool, I got hold of her arm and wouldn't let go. She ended up grabbing my other arm and we both went through the fence, classic. Brought her back in the house and things were a little calmer from there on. Grounded, no car, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The wife quit the hospital, is now working for a hospice organization. Working the unit she was on at the hospital was tough on her, killed her back (serious problems there) and she really didn't enjoy it. She went to a hospice open house just to see what it was all about a couple months ago and they ended up pursuing her to work for them. She's been working there 2 weeks now and so far so good. No more 12 hour shifts that were actually more like 14, no more weekends and no more of a few certain people that I had to listen about. She doesn't miss it yet.

As for me, business is currently tough. We were slow the last month or so and billings were down. That translates to minimal cash flow. Which sucks now that things are starting to get busy. Need operating capital, seriously. We're going to bill out over $250k in the next three months, our busiest yet and payroll just may be a concern till that cash comes in. If anybody's got $20k they're not doing anything with for the next 90 days get hold of me.

Things will work out, just growing pains. Making a step to the next level, gotta stretch. We're booking a lot of work, contracts are coming in. Crew is shaping up and the new girl is working out alright. Lots of positives, but the worries can be a mother fucker at times.

Y'all take care, I'll be back.

Pirate out.